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For the pet counterpart, see Pet Piglet.


The Pig is a Non-Member land animal that was released on June 9, 2016. On May 12, 2016, the Pig was first hinted at in a puzzle on the Jamaa Journal. On May 26, 2016, it was officially announced as a new animal coming to Jamaa.

Default Appearance

The Pig's features are the same light pink that covers the body and face. Its ears and feet are a slightly darker pink than its body color with the feet being a duller color. They have a light pink nose and narrowed, black eyes. It has a tuft on the top of its forehead and the tail is very tiny and curved.


Acts Description
Sits straight up.
Slides left, then right a few times, until it hops up, spins, and then comes back to the ground before repeating.
Sleeps flat on the ground, forming a small ball.
Jumps up, does a flip, falls back down, and repeats. This action is similar to the Kangaroo's hop.
Swims in a mud puddle, sinking under the mud for a few seconds before popping its head back up.


  • The Pig is part of the small group of domesticated animals in Jamaa, which also include the Sheep, Goat, Horse, and Llama.
  • The Jamaa Journal hint was a sliding tile puzzle that revealed an image of the Pig. This was similar to the hints for several other animals such as the Penguin and the Owl.
  • The Pig has a pet counterpart, the Pet Piglet.
  • The Pig is the first non-member Diamond Shop animal.
  • A glitch occurs when a player wears a pair of Mystical Faerie Wings on their Pig and plays. The Pig will appear as though it is wearing a pair of Faerie Wings in an unavailable color.
  • A glitch occurs when the Pig plays while wearing a Top Hat or Freedom Hat. The hat's pattern will completely change.
  • If a Mask is worn on a Pig, the mask will look sad.
  • A glitch occurs when wearing a Fox Hat while playing as the Pig; it seems to glitch into what appears to be an unreleased variant of the Fluffy Fox Head.
    • It's ears will also stick out of said item as well.
  • Two swords appear on the Pig's back when wearing a Sword, Pirate Sword, or Golden Pirate Sword, similar to the Panda, the Hyena, the Sloth, and the Sheep.
  • When wearing a Fox Hat and taking a picture in Club Geoz, the Fox Hat will become an unreleased version of a Raccoon hat.
  • The pig is one of the two animals in the Diamond Shop to cost only 5 diamonds, the other being the Sloth.
  • This was the first Diamond Shop animal to cost 5 diamonds.


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