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This article is about the game. For the item, see Pill Bugs (Item).

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Pill Bugs is a single-player mini-game that was originally found in Sarepia Forest and later added to the Sol Arcade. It was first introduced on August 9, 2011. It can also be found in Jammers' Dens in the form of the Pill Bugs arcade machine.


In Pill Bugs, the player uses a tulip to aim gray pill bugs and shoot them at multi-colored ladybird beetles. After finishing a level, facts about pill bugs or ladybugs will be shown. The player must clear all of the blue bugs in order to unlock additional levels. Blue bugs also provide the most points when they are cleared. Green bugs will add an extra pill bug to the level (Multiball). Yellow bugs will give the player an extra pill bug to use (Free Ball). Pink bugs will give the player points. On some levels, there are very large pink or blue bugs. The normal pink bugs vary in their own size. There are three different difficulty modes available to play: Easy, Medium, and Hard. The more challenging difficulties include more blue bugs, provide more points for pink bugs, and offer less pill bugs to the player. The round completes when either the player has no more shots left, or when all blue bugs are hit. Badges are received on each level by eliminating all of the colored bugs. Three colors of badges can be awarded. Bronze badges are awarded by eliminating all colored bugs in easy mode, silver badges are received in medium, and gold badges for hard mode. Bronze badges can be recognized by their brownish color, as silver by a whitish silver color, and gold by a pale yellow color.


This game provides Gems as a reward for playing each level. The player can earn 1 Gem for every 1000 points scored.

Achievements []

There are seven achievements that can be earned by playing Pill Bugs:

Achievements Description
Bounce! Bounce! Play Pill Bugs 5 times
Recoil! Recoil! Play Pill Bugs 10 times
Rebound! Rebound! Play Pill Bugs 25 times
Ricochet! Ricochet! Play Pill Bugs 50 times
Rolly Polly! Rolly Polly! Complete every level of Pill Bugs
Bug Bomb! Bug Bomb! Clear every bug in a level of Pill Bugs
Go for the Gold! Go for the Gold! Earn every gold ladybug in Pill Bugs


  • It might be based on Peggle, an arcade-style game where the player shoots balls at a grid of colorful pegs.


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