Not to be confused with the Pirate's Treasure.

The Pirate Chest is a non-member den item. It was first released sometime during the Beta Testing period but went on clearance shortly afterwards. It came back in January 2012 and was relocated to the Mystery Emporium for a long period until it went on clearance in August 2013. It returned and was relocated back to Jam Mart Furniture on March 19, 2014, but it was removed from stores on March 17, 2015.


The Pirate Chest is a square, wooden chest. It has a handle on both sides and a latch on the front edge of the lid. There are also three visible colored vertical stripes going down the body of the trunk, and bumps all over the stripes. The lid of the chest is curved upward. This item comes in ten different color varieties.


  • When it was first released during Beta Testing, there was only one variety: the dark blue and orange color variant. The remaining nine varieties were released when it returned in January 2012.
  • This item was originally priced at 45 Gems, but its price increased when it was re-released at the Mystery Emporium.
  • It has an underwater counterpart, the Pirate's Treasure.
  • The main variant is a possible prize from The Forgotten Desert.