For the shop found inside this party, see Play Wild Shop.

The Play Wild Party is a night-club-themed party that every Jammer can access. It was first introduced on December 15, 2011, and was often found a couple of times throughout the day. It seems to have been discontinued.


This party is very similar in appearance to Club Geoz formerly located in Jamaa Township, but this party has extra dance floors that replace the Photo Booth and arcade games found in Club Geoz. The party is decorated with Disco Lights around the floor, a Jukebox against the wall, and a Disco Ball hanging from the ceiling. Colored stage lights, laminated floor lights, and dance floor panels illuminate the room. This party uses the Play Wild music set on a repeating loop.


This party has two shops for Jammers to buy items: a den item shop at the neon booth along the left wall, and a music shop at the DJ stage on the right. There are four separate dance floors that Jammers can dance on to make them light up with animated patterns. There is also a phantom -shaped neon light against the back wall that Jammers can click on to obtain a glowstick (yellow, green, red, or blue) that can then be carried around.


  • The glowstick that players can pick up and carry around in this party changes color when a new area is entered.
  • This party was one of the first parties to appear in Jamaa, the other being the Jamaaliday Jam.
  • This party previously used Winter's Dance as its music, which was later changed to Play Wild.
  • Every den item sold in this party except for the Speakers can be found in the dance-themed Jammer Parties.


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