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Plushies are den items that represent animals, which can be placed in both land and ocean dens. Plushies can be won from Claws, but can also be obtained from games, shops, and promo codes. This is an unofficial collection of items that are all related by their name, as "Plushie" is included at the end of each one.


Most plushies take the form of a playable animal or pet that looks similar to a stuffed animal. However, there are some that resemble other creatures entirely. Most plushies have visible fastened stitches and certain exaggerated characteristics. Many plushies have multiple different color variations, although there are some that only have one variety, such as the Freedom Day themed plushies and even certain Giant Plushies. Most plushies are plain and only differ from the others by color, but certain ones include accessories to further differentiate them from others.

Claw Plushies[]

The most common type of plushies can be obtained from The Claw mini-game as a prize. They can also be obtained by their Diamond Claw Counterpart. These plushies represent miniature versions of creatures/animals in the game, however, not all in-game creatures have a regular plushie counterpart.

List of Claw Plushies
Item Members-only? Diamond Claw Counterpart
The-Claw Arctic-Wolf-Plushie White Arctic Wolf Plushie No ArcticWolfClaw
Bunny-Plushies Bunny Plushie No The Bunny Claw
The-Claw Cheetah-Plushie Orange Cheetah Plushie No Diamond-Shop The-Cheetah-Claw
Crocodile-Plushies Crocodile Plushie No Diamond-Shop The-Crocodile-Claw
The-Claw Deer-Plushie Tan Deer Plushie No The deer claw
The-Claw Eagle-Plushie Blue Eagle Plushie No TheEagleClaw
Elephant-Plushies Elephant Plushie No The Elephant Claw
Fox-Plushies Fox Plushie No FoxClaw
Giraffe-Plushies Giraffe Plushie No The Giraffe Claw
Horse-Plushies Horse Plushie No The Horse Claw
The-Claw Kangaroo-Plushie Tan Kangaroo Plushie No Diamond-Shop The-Kangaroo-Claw
Koala-Plushies Koala Plushie No Diamond-Shop The-Koala-Claw
The-Claw Lion-Plushie Default Lion Plushie No The Lion Claw
Monkey-Plushies Monkey Plushie No The Monkey Claw
Panda-Plushies Panda Plushie No Diamond-Shop The-Panda-Claw
Penguin-Plushies Penguin Plushie No The Penguin Claw
CapturePhantoms Phantom Plushie Yes N/A
RaccoonPlushies Raccoon Plushie No Raccoon claw
Rhino-Plushies Rhino Plushie No Diamond-Shop Rhino-Claw
Seal-Plushies Seal Plushie No Diamond-Shop The-Seal-Claw
The-Claw Snow-Leopard-Plushie Grey Snow Leopard Plushie No The Snow Leopard Claw Shops
Tiger-Plushies Tiger Plushie No The Tiger Claw
Wolf-Plushies Wolf Plushie No The Wolf Claw

NOTE: The Phantom Plushies can only be obtained from the den-version of the claw machine.

Diamond Claw Plushies[]

Since April 2016, newly released small plushies have only been obtainable via their respective Diamond Shop claw machine:

List of Diamond Shop Plushies
Arctic Fox Plushie prize Arctic Fox Plushie
Clydesdale-Horse-Plushie-Original Clydesdale Horse Plushie
Cougar Plushie prize Cougar Plushie
Brown-Coyote-Plushie Coyote Plushie
The-Claw Falcon-Plushie Purple Falcon Plushie
Flamingo Plushie pink Flamingo Plushie
The-Claw Goat-Plushie White Goat Plushie
Hyena plushies1 Hyena Plushie
LemurPlushieDarkBlue Lemur Plushie
Llamaplushie1 Llama Plushie
The-Claw Lynx-Plushie Pink Lynx Plushie
The-Claw Otter-Plushie Brown Otter Plushie
The-Claw Owl-Plushie Red Owl Plushie
Pig Plushie prize Pig Plushie
Polar bear plushie white Polar Bear Plushie
Red panda plushie red Red Panda Plushie
Sheep Plushie prize Sheep Plushie
Olive sloth Sloth Plushie
Toucan-Plushie-Original Toucan Plushie

NOTE: The Polar Bear Plushies can only be used by Jammers with a Membership, but all Jammers can win them from their respective claw machine.

Underwater Claw Plushies[]

On August 3, 2017, underwater claw machines were introduced to offer plushies that had previously only been sold in the Summer Carnival:

List of Underwater Claw Plushies
Item Members-only? Diamond Claw Counterpart
The-Claw Dolphin-Plushie blue Dolphin Plushie No The dolphin claw
The-Claw Octopus-Plushie pink Octopus Plushie No TheOctopusClaw
The-Claw Shark-Plushie white Shark Plushie No The Shark Claw
The-Claw Turtle-Plushie green Turtle Plushie No The Sea Turtle Claw

Conservation Museum Plushies[]

The plushies that were formerly sold in the Conservation Museum were all the giant type that are much larger than the in-game animals that they represent.

List of Giant Plushies
Museum-Den-Shop Giant-Tiger-Plushie Giant Tiger Plushie
Animal-Museum-Shop Giant-Bunny-Plushie Giant Bunny Plushie
Museum-Den-Shop Giant-Panda-Plushie Giant Panda Plushie
Animal-Museum-Shop Giant-Wolf-Plushie Giant Wolf Plushie
Museum-Den-Shop Giant-Monkey-Plushie Giant Monkey Plushie
Animal-Museum-Shop Giant-Koala-Plushie Giant Koala Plushie
Museum-Den-Shop Giant-Seal-Plushie Giant Seal Plushie
Museum-Den-Shop Giant-Elephant-Plushie Giant Elephant Plushie
Animal-Museum Giant-Rhino-Plushie Giant Rhino Plushie
Museum-Den-Shop Giant-Crocodile-Plushie Giant Crocodile Plushie
Museum-Den-Shop Giant-Horse-Plushie Giant Horse Plushie
Museum-Den-Shop Giant-Penguin-Plushie Giant Penguin Plushie
Museum-Den-Shop Giant-Giraffe-Plushie Giant Giraffe Plushie
Animal Jam Giant Fox Plushies Giant Fox Plushie
Conservation-Museum Giant-Raccoon-Plushie Giant Raccoon Plushie

Touch Pool Plushies[]

The Touch Pool mini-game in Tierney's Aquarium rewards aquatic-themed plushies as a reward, but each of these plushies can only be rewarded once per account.

List of Touch Pool Plushies
Touch-Pool-Prize Hermit-Crab-Plushie Hermit Crab Plushie
Touch-Pool-Prize Horseshoe-Crab-Plushie Horseshoe Crab Plushie
Touch-Pool-Prize Ray-Plushie Ray Plushie
Touch-Pool-Prize Sea-Slug-Plushie Sea Slug Plushie
Touch-Pool-Prize Sea-Star-Plushie Sea Star Plushie
Touch-Pool-Prize Sea-Urchin-Plushie Sea Urchin Plushie

Diamond Shop Plushies[]

Just like the plushies that were sold in the Conservation Museum, the Diamond Shop plushies are all giant types.

List of Giant Plushies
Giant-Arctic-Wolf-Plushie White Giant Arctic Wolf Plushie
Diamond-Shop Giant-Snow-Leopard-Plushie Giant Snow Leopard Plushie
Diamond-Shop Giant-Lion-Plushie Default Giant Lion Plushie
Giantroo1 Giant Kangaroo Plushie
Giant Hyena Plushie 1 Giant Hyena Plushie
Giant Otter Plush Standard Giant Otter Plushie
Diamond-Shop Giant-Polar-Bear-Plushie White Giant Polar Bear Plushie
Diamond-Shop Giant-Owl-Plushie Giant Owl Plushie
Diamond-Shop Giant-Llama-Plushie Giant Llama Plushie
Giant cheetah 01 Giant Cheetah Plushie
Giant lynx plushie Giant Lynx Plushie
Giant Eagle Plushie Blue Giant Eagle Plushie
Giant goat plushie Giant Goat Plushie
Giant Deer Plushie Giant Deer Plushie
GiantSheepPlushie1 Giant Sheep Plushie
Giant Arctic Fox Plushie 1 Giant Arctic Fox Plushie
Giant Cougar Plushie Giant Cougar Plushie
Giant Clydesdale Plushie Giant Clydesdale Horse Plushie
Giant flamingo plushie Giant Flamingo Plushie
Giant-Toucan-Plushie-Original Giant Toucan Plushie
DS Giant Falcon Plushie purple Giant Falcon Plushie
Giant Red Plushie Plushie 1 Giant Red Panda Plushie
DS Giant Sloth Plushie olive Giant Sloth Plushie
Giant Coyote Plushie 1 Giant Coyote Plushie
GiantPigPlushie1 Giant Pig Plushie
GiantLemurPushie1 Giant Lemur Plushie
Giant Spring Phantom Plushie Giant Spring Phantom Plushie

Summer Carnival Plushies[]

These plushies return to the Summer Carnival every year where they can only be purchased with Tickets.

List of Small Size Summer Carnival Plushies
Butterfly-Plushie Green Shop Butterfly Plushie
Kitty-Plushie-1 Kitty Plushie
Puppy-Plushie-1 Puppy Plushie
Hamster-Plushie Orange Shop Hamster Plushie
Ducky-Plushie Yellow Shop Ducky Plushie
Frog-Plushie Green Shop Frog Plushie
Dolphin Plushie Dolphin Plushie
Shark Plushie Shark Plushie
Turtle-Plushie Green Shop Turtle Plushie
Octopus-Plushie Pink Shop Octopus Plushie
Rabbit-Plushie Pink Shop Rabbit Plushie
Snake-Plushie Blue Shop Snake Plushie
Pet Owl Plushie white Pet Owl Plushie
Pet-Fox-Plushie-1 Pet Fox Plushie
Pet Monkey Plushie blue Pet Monkey Plushie
Pet Spider Plushie purple Pet Spider Plushie
Pet-Sugar-Glider-Plushie-1 Pet Sugar Glider Plushie
Pet-Piglet-Plushie-1 Pet Piglet Plushie
List of Large & Giant Size Summer Carnival Plushies
Large-Kitty-Plushie-1 Large Kitty Plushie
Large-Butterfly-Plushie Green Shop Large Butterfly Plushie
Large-Puppy-Plushie-1 Large Puppy Plushie
Large-Hamster-Plushie Orange Shop Large Hamster Plushie
Large-Ducky-Plushie Yellow Shop Large Ducky Plushie
Large-Frog-Plushie Green Shop Large Frog Plushie
Large-Rabbit-Plushie Blue Shop Large Rabbit Plushie
Large-Snake-Plushie Green Shop Large Snake Plushie
Large-Pet-Sugar-Glider-Plushie-1 Large Pet Sugar Glider Plushie
Large-Pet-Piglet-Plushie-1 Large Pet Piglet Plushie
Giant Dolphin Plushie blue Giant Dolphin Plushie
Giant Shark Plushie grey Giant Shark Plushie
Giant-Turtle-Plushie Green Shop Giant Turtle Plushie
Giant-Octopus-Plushie Pink Shop Giant Octopus Plushie
Giant Pet Owl Plushie white Giant Pet Owl Plushie
Giant-Pet-Fox-Plushie-1 Giant Pet Fox Plushie
Giant Pet Monkey Plushie blue Giant Pet Monkey Plushie
Giant Pet Spider Plushie purple Giant Pet Spider Plushie

The freedom-themed plushies can only be purchased at the Summer Carnival during the time of the Freedom Day. Each of these plushies has only one version and their names lack the "Plushie" part that most plushies have.

List of Small Size Freedom Plushies
Freedom Hamster Plushie Freedom Hamster
Freedom Ducky Plushie Freedom Ducky
Freedom Frog Plushie Freedom Frog
Freedom Butterfly Plushie Freedom Butterfly
Freedom Kitty Plushie Freedom Kitty
Freedom Puppy Plushie Freedom Puppy
Freedom Sugar Glider Plushie Freedom Sugar Glider
Freedom Piglet Plushie Freedom Piglet
Freedom Bunny Plushie Freedom Bunny
Freedom Snake Plushie Freedom Snake
List of Large Size Freedom Plushies
Large Freedom Hamster Large Freedom Hamster
Large Freedom Ducky Large Freedom Ducky
Large Freedom Frog Large Freedom Frog
Large Freedom Butterfly Large Freedom Butterfly
Large Freedom Kitty Large Freedom Kitty
Large Freedom Puppy Large Freedom Puppy
Large Freedom Sugar Glider Large Freedom Sugar Glider
Large Freedom Piglet Large Freedom Piglet
Large Freedom Bunny Large Freedom Bunny
Large Freedom Snake Large Freedom Snake

Epic Plushies[]

The Epic Plushies are unique in that they were only available to Jammers that purchased one of the Sidekix Plushies from Animal Jam Outfitters. The Epic Plushies were re-released for about one month on June 3, 2021, as prizes in the Epic Plushie Scavenger Hunt that could be purchased for 1,000 Gems each. The original Epic Plushies obtained from the Sidekix Plushies were all given rare tags when the Epic Plushie Scavenger Hunt was introduced. Each of these plushies has only one variant and an interactive animation when clicked on.

List of Epic Plushies (Rare)
Gift Epic-Bunny-Plushie Epic Bunny Plushie (Rare)
Gift Epic-Croc-Plushie Epic Croc Plushie (Rare)
Gift Epic-Fox-Plushie Epic Fox Plushie (Rare)
Gift Epic-Giraffe-Plushie Epic Giraffe Plushie (Rare)
Gift Epic-Panda-Plushie Epic Panda Plushie (Rare)
Gift Epic-Penguin-Plushie Epic Penguin Plushie (Rare)
Gift Epic-Tiger-Plushie Epic Tiger Plushie (Rare)
Gift Epic-Wolf-Plushie Epic Wolf Plushie (Rare)
List of Epic Plushies (Scavenger Hunt)
Epic bunny plushie shops Epic Bunny Plushie
Epic croc plushie shops Epic Croc Plushie
Epic fox plushie shops Epic Fox Plushie
Epic giraffe plushie shops Epic Giraffe Plushie
Epic panda plushie shops Epic Panda Plushie
Epic penguin plushie shops Epic Penguin Plushie
Epic tiger plushie shops Epic Tiger Plushie
Epic wolf plushie shops Epic Wolf Plushie

Jazwares Plushies[]

These plushies are rare counterparts of the normal claw plushies, but they can only be obtained by entering Codes that come with the plush Jazwares Toys. Each of these rare plushies includes a special accessory that is not found on the other claw plushies.

List of Rare Plushies
Rare Bunny Plushie (rare bunny plushie) Rare Bunny Plushie
Promo-Gift Rare-Koala-Plushie Rare Koala Plushie
Promo-Gift Rare-Monkey-Plushie Rare Monkey Plushie
Rare Penguin Plushie Rare Penguin Plushie
Giant raccoon rare Rare Giant Raccoon Plushie
RARE GIANT PANDA PLUSHIE1 Rare Giant Panda Plushie
RareFoxPlushie Rare Fox Plushie
Raredolphinplushieu Rare Dolphin Plushie

Happy Meal Plushies[]

These ”Exclusive” plushies were released with Happy Meal toys in October 2019. They were obtainable from a code that came with a 3-5” real-life plush toy.

Happy Meal Plushies
Exclusive Arctic Wolf Plushie
Exclusive Coyote Plushie
Exclusive Crocodile Plushie
Exclusive Dolphin Plushie
Exclusive Fox Plushie
Exclusive Monkey Plushie
Exclusive Owl Plushie
Exclusive Penguin Plushie
Exclusive Tiger Plushie
Exclusive Toucan Plushie
Exclusive Red Panda Plushie
Exclusive Bunny Plushie

Jambassador Plushies[]

The Jambassador Plushies are clothed animal plushies that represent each Jambassador's animal avatar. They were given out to each Jambassador on September 20, 2019, for them to distribute at their discretion. Some Jambassadors have chosen to release their plushie into the Claw Machine that corresponds with their plushie's animal.

List of Jambassador Plushies
Name Claw Machine
Awsomeisme1233 plushie Awsomeisme1233 Plushie N/A
Bepper plushie Bepper Plushie N/A
Cherrioz plushie Cherrioz Plushie N/A
Cherryfizz44 plushie CherryFizz44 Plushie N/A
Chocolate4froggy Plushie - Jambassador Plushies Chocolate4Froggy Plushie The Flamingo Claw
Cinno plushie Cinno Plushie N/A
Cupcakecelineplushieig CupCakeCeline Plushie The Bunny Claw
Ellipsity plushie Ellipsity Plushie N/A
Faris plushie Faris Plushie N/A
Flamingoop plushie Flamingoop Plushie N/A
Lovewithsongz plushie Lovewithsongz Plushie N/A
Lucyfluffydendecor plushie Lucyfluffydendecor Plushie N/A
Mazemary plushie MazeMary Plushie N/A
PugfluffPlushie Pugfluff Plushie The Otter Claw
Snowyclaw plushie SnowyClaw Plushie N/A
Theshopking plushie Theshopking Plushie N/A
Twinkle0122 plushie Twinkle0122 Plushie N/A
Typicalrocky plushie TypicalRocky Plushie N/A
Winteryy plushie Winteryy Plushie N/A
WisteriaMoonplushie WisteriaMoon Plushie The Wolf Claw

Other Plushies[]

There are a variety of plushies that are not part of some larger group; these types of plushies are listed below.

List of Other Plushies
Item Origin
Cami's-Frog Treasure-Prize Cami's Frog Formerly sold in Jam Mart Furniture.
Shop Gecko-Plushie Gecko Plushie Formerly sold in Jam Mart Furniture.
Green gecko plushie Green Gecko Plushie Formerly obtained with a code.
Pufferfish Plushie Pufferfish Plushie Obtained as the Journey Book reward for Crystal Reef.
Diamond-Shop Giant-Lion-Plushie Default Giant Lion Plushie Sold at the Diamond Shop.
RareGiantTanLion Giant Lion Plushie (Rare) Formerly obtained as one of the Monthly Member Gifts.
Epic-Wonders Black-Giant-Wolf-Plushie Black Giant Wolf Plushie Formerly sold in Epic Wonders.
Journey-Book Mt-Shiveer Red-Panda-Plushie Red Panda Plushie Obtained as the Journey Book reward for Mt. Shiveer
Cat Plushie Mouse Plushie Sold in the Pet Den Item Shop.
Phantomplushie-1 Jamaaliday Phantom Plushie Sold in Jamaaliday Jam.
Giant Frog Plushie Giant Frog Plushie Formerly sold in Leap Year Party.
Disguised phantom plushie Disguised Phantom Plushie The 10th prize in Message In A Bottle.
Miraplushieblue Mira Plushie Formerly sold in Jam Mart Furniture
Ziosplushieyellow Rare Zios Plushie Formerly sold in Jam Mart Furniture
Shamrockplushie Shamrock Plushie Formerly sold in AJHQ's Winter Palace Epic Den
Sabertooth-Plushie-Pink Team Sabertooth Plushie Formerly sold in Jam Mart Furniture
Direwolf-Plushie-Purple Team Direwolf Plushie Formerly sold in Jam Mart Furniture
TacoPlushie Taco Plushie Sold at the Summer Carnival Shop
VeggieBurgerPlushie Veggie Burger Plushie Sold at the Summer Carnival Shop
Fixed wildworks mascot plushie WildWorks Mascot Plushie Sold at Epic Wonders on August 2, 2021, for Rare Item Monday


  • Originally, all plushies came in one variety, but this changed on July 20, 2011.
  • Nearly all of the regular-sized plushies from The Claw are non-member (excluding the Phantom Plushie and Polar Bear Plushie).
  • Nearly all giant plushies are exclusive to members only (excluding the Giant Raccoon Plushie, the Giant Kangaroo Plushie, the Rare Giant Panda Plushie, and the Rare Giant Raccoon Plushie).
  • Before the Arctic Fox Plushie was released, it could sometimes be seen among the random plushies while playing The Claw.
  • In some of AJHQ's Epic Dens, there are sometimes unreleased plushies found amongst the decor.
  • Epic plushies roll into a ball when clicked.


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Unreleased Plushies[]

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