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Not to be confused with the Potted Plant.

The Potted Plants are a non-member den item.


The Potted Plants are a rusty brown color and each of the three pots are connected by an iron stand. The bottom pot is the largest of the three but holds the smallest plant. The middle pot contains a long, leafy plant that hangs out of the pot. The topmost pot is skinny with a pointed base and holds a full, lush plant. There is only one variety of this item.


The Potted Plants was initially released in September 2010 in Jam Mart Furniture. It was most recently released on September 6, 2012, in Treetop Gardens and left on July 19, 2014.

Release History Details
OriginArrival DateDeparture Date
Jam Mart FurnitureSeptember 2010Unknown
Coral CornerFebruary 2011July 2011
Treetop GardensSeptember 6, 2012July 19, 2014

Prize Availability[]

The Potted Plants can be won as a possible prize from the following locations:

Prize Availability Details
The Forgotten DesertGreen Chest
The Forgotten DesertOrange Chest


  • On its first release, its price was only 100 Gems, but this was increased when it was relocated to Treetop Gardens.