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The Princess Outfit is a set of matching land clothing accessories. They were released in the Diamond Shop on July 21, 2016. The set consists of five items for the head, neck, back, legs, and tail.


The items in this set all consist mostly of long, flowing fabrics. The necklace and slippers both have gemstone studs on them. The tail ribbons and the slippers both share similar bows tied onto them. The gown and the hennin both feature heart shaped decorations. When worn, the hennin is animated and appears to be flowing in the wind.

Outfit Set[]

Note: All items are members-only.

ItemTypeDiamondUnavailable Since
Princess Hennin pinkPrincess Hennin1-Head2Currently available
Princess Necklace 2016 pinkPrincess Necklace (2016)2-Neck1Currently available
Princess Gown pinkPrincess Gown3-Body3Currently available
Princess Slippers - Purple Pink (1)Princess Slippers4-Legs1Currently available
Princess Tail Ribbons - Purple Pink (1)Princess Tail Ribbons5-Tail2Currently available