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The Rags to Riches Bundle is a bundle obtainable by purchasing a membership during the month of November 2019. The bundle comes with a Lemur, the Ol' BarnPrincess Castle, two clothing sets, and a variety of den items.


The Rags to Riches Bundle contains items themed to historically rich and poor people. 


Pauper Outfit

Image Name Type?
NewsboyCap.png Newsboy Cap 1Head.png
WorkRag.png Work Rag 2Neck.png
WorkingShirt.png Working Shirt 3Body.png
WorkingPants.png Working Pants 4Legs.png
BroomTail.png Broom Tail 5Tail.png

Aristocrat Outfit

Image Name Type?
HeartTiara.png Heart Tiara 1Head.png
OpulentHeartNecklace.png Opulent Heart Necklace 2Neck.png
EveningGown.png Evening Gown 3Body.png
SilverBracelets.png Silver Bracelets 4Legs.png
HeartTailRings.png Heart Tail Rings 5Tail.png

Den Items

Image Name
SteamerTrunk.png Steamer Trunk
OldTimeyPhone.png Old Timey Phone
OldTimeyRadio.png Old Timey Radio
ElegantDiningTable.png Elegant Dining Table
WornCardTable.png Worn Card Table
OldTimeyElevator.png Old Timey Elevator
GildedFireplace.png Gilded Fireplace
FancySectionalFrontEnd.png Fancy Sectional Front End
FancySectionalBackEnd.png Fancy Sectional Back End
FancySectionalCorner.png Fancy Sectional Corner
FancySectionalMiddle.png Fancy Sectional Middle