This article is about the monthly membership promotional gift. For the miscellaneous shop varieties, see Spiked Collar.

Not to be confused with the "Rare Spiked Collar" that was sold in the Diamond Shop.

The Rare Spiked Collar is a members-only land clothing item. It was initially given out as one of the Monthly Member Gifts during July 2011. It can currently be obtained as a random prize from The Forgotten Desert and Lucky Clovers as well as in the member's only chest of the last pearl in Tiki Trouble.


The Rare Spiked Collar consists of spikes attached to a circular band worn around the neck. "Long" Rare Spiked Collars have a pattern of alternating large spikes and small spikes, but "Short" Rare Spiked Collars only have one size of spikes. There are eight different color versions of each type ("Long" and "Short") for a total of sixteen varieties.


  • On January 10, 2019, the "Black Long" variant could be won in a AJHQ live stream.
  • Many Jammers refer to this item as the "Spike" or "Rare Spike" instead of its actual name.
  • The "Long" Rare Spiked Collar was originally named Spikey Necklace.
  • The "Short" Rare Spiked Collar was originally named Spiked Necklace.
  • The "Long" Rare Spiked Collars have more vibrant colors than their "Short" counterpart.
  • Unlike most other variants, the purple and blue "Short" Rare Spiked Collars do not share the same colors with the corresponding purple and blue "Long" Rare Spiked Collars or the purple and blue Rare Spiked Wristbands.
  • When worn in the Adventures, the "Short" Rare Spiked Collar does 6 extra damage and the "Long" Rare Spiked Collar does 7 extra damage, in addition to the 10 done by default to destructible obstacles such as Phantom Webs.
    • Unlike the Rare Spiked Collars on which they are based, the non-promo varieties do not provide any extra damage when worn in the Adventures.
  • There is a "glitched" solid magenta color of the "Long" and "Short" Rare Spiked Collars. This was confirmed by AJHQ on Instagram to be a result of a glitch while returning items through the Item Recovery system.
  • The mobile app Animal Jam Play Wild has a similar Spiked Collar item. The mobile app also has a den item counterpart to this called the Spiked Table.

Prize Availability

Random Prize Availability
LocationChestRare Spiked Collar
The Forgotten DesertOrange ChestYes
The Forgotten DesertBlue ChestYes
The Forgotten DesertWhite ChestYes
The Forgotten DesertPurple ChestYes
The Forgotten DesertGround ChestsYes
Lucky CloversEpic ChestYes
Tiki TroubleThird Pearl ChestYes


"Long" Rare Spiked Collars

"Short" Rare Spiked Collars


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