This article is about the monthly membership promotional gift. For the miscellaneous shop varieties, see Spiked Wristband.

The Rare Spiked Wristband is a members-only land clothing item. It was originally released as one of the Monthly Member Gifts during July 2011. It can currently be obtained as one of the prizes from The Forgotten Desert.


The Rare Spiked Wristband consists of different-sized metallic spikes protruding from a circular band that goes around the wrist when worn. One variation of the Rare Spiked Wristband is known as the "Long" Rare Spiked Wristband; it has alternating short and long spikes. Another variation is the "Short" Rare Spiked Wristband; this has short spikes of a uniform length. There are eight varieties of each wristband type ("Long" and "Short") for a total of sixteen different versions.


  • It can be won as a random prize in The Forgotten Desert.
  • It can also be won as a random prize in the seasonal adventures Tiki Trouble and Lucky Clovers.
  • The "Long" Spiked Wristband was originally named Spikey Wristband.
  • The rare spiked wristband is shown in one of the Membership advertisement pages.
  • There is a "glitched" solid magenta color of the "Long" and "Short" Rare Spiked Wristband. This was confirmed by AJHQ ( to be a result of a glitch while returning items through the Item Recovery system.
  • When worn in the Adventures, the "Long" Rare Spiked Wristbands boost the damage done on destructible obstacles up to 16 compared to 10 without them. The "Short" Rare Spiked Wristbands also boost damage, but only up to 15.
    • Unlike the Rare Spiked Wristbands on which they are based, the non-rare varieties do not provide any extra damage when worn in the Adventures.
  • There is a similar item with the same name in the Animal Jam - Play Wild! mobile game.
  • The item used to be called "Spiky Wristband", Same with the Rare Spiked Collar as it used to be called "Spiked Necklace"


"Long" Rare Spiked Wristband

"Short" Rare Spiked Wristband


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