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Recycling multiple items as described in Jamaa Journal vol. 169

Recycling is an action that a player can do when they either don't want their item anymore and want to delete it, they have too many items, or they simply want more Gems.


With an exception of the plushies from the claw machine, toys, and prizes from the journey book and adventures, when a player recycles something, they get about a three-tenths of the original price back. For the Toys, players always get 30 Gems back, and for Plushies won from the claw, players could either get 15,45, or 90 Gems back. For the adventure prizes, journey book prizes and other prizes, players will either get 500, 300, 120, or 1 gem back. For most rares, their recycle value is 25 less gems than the actual price.


  • As of March 31, 2016, Jammers can recycle multiple items at a time.
  • When recycling multiple items, the list may glitch and display the incorrect items as being selected or an incorrect recycle value.
  • Occasionally, an item that has been recently released will recycle for more than it costs to buy it. This is usually corrected in a few hours.


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