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Not to be confused with the Winter Palace.

Regal winter palace icon

The Regal Winter Palace is a members-only land den. It was released on November 1, 2018. It can be obtained as part of the Glorious Goat Bundle by purchasing a new membership during the month of November.


The Regal Winter Palace appears as a gigantic frozen palace with golden accents and it is nestled on a snowy mountaintop. It has seven small-sized rooms on different levels that are connected with stairs. It appears to be made completely of ice and has two different slides, one on the left wing of the den, and another, longer one on the right. The exterior is covered in snow with a small cliff and a few pine trees.


  • This is one of the few dens that has unique patterns for the Starry Walls and the Coral Canyons Floor.
  • Most of the unique flooring and wallpaper patterns for this den are based on very similar patterns used by the Snow Fort den.
  • It is based on the Winter Palace den.


Unique Patterns

Wall Patterns

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Floor Patterns

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