This article is about the den. For for the party based on it, see Dinner Party.
Restaurant den icon

The Restaurant is a members-only land den that was first released sometime in April 2011. It can be purchased in the Den Shop.


The Restaurant Den is a bit smaller than most other dens, with only three "rooms" - one major one and two smaller ones. The rooms consist of a small waiting area with a bench and a small chalkboard beside the till, a large open area, and a complete kitchen with a sink, stoves, and ovens. There is also an outside area with a wooden patio and lights surrounding it. By default, the flooring is dark red carpeting with a swirl pattern and the wallpaper is a pale-to-dark tan. This den is set at night with stars in the sky and a crescent moon visible through a round window in the main room.


  • The candy and bakery-themed Jammer Parties (as well as the Dinner Party) are all based on this den, but the parties include steps leading down the back deck to a large grassy area. There is a small grassy area beyond the deck in this den, but it is not accessible.
  • Unlike many other dens, there are no unique patterns for the wallpapers and floorings that can be used on this den.