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Adventures Return-of-the-Phantoms
The Phantoms have returned and Bunny Burrow is in trouble! Nasty Phantom Pipes have polluted rivers and plants that the bunnies need for a healthy home. Help Liza clean up the rivers, rescue all the bunnies, and defeat any Phantoms you encounter along the way.
~ Animal Jam Official Insider's Guide

The Return of the Phantoms is an Adventure that was first introduced on June 18, 2013. Initially, it was in beta testing for Members-only, but after the Beta period ended on July 11, 2013, it became the first non-training adventure made available to all Jammers. The Hard difficulty mode was released on July 25, 2013. Jammers must be at least Level 1 to play in normal mode and required to be at Level 2 to play in hard mode. The goal is to help save Bunny Burrow and to rescue four Bunnies who have been trapped in cages by the Phantoms.


1. Liza will appear and start the quest, informing the player that the Phantoms have invaded the Bunny Burrow.

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2. There will be four bunnies available to talk to: Buster, Harvey, Binky, and Pumpkin. Only Pumpkin will trigger the next part, showing the player a cork and telling them to plug the cork into the Phantom Pipe that is contaminating the water.

3. The player must search for more corks to plug the rest of the Phantom Pipes; plugging all will clean the river and wells. These corks will usually change places in Hard Mode.

4. Once clean, the player can use the water to revive the wilted plants that are scattered about. The player can also access four treasure chests and Cookie, the fifth NPC.

5. After watering the plants, Binky will let the player enter the Bunny Burrow to find George and Clover. Talking to Clover will reveal a Phantom Key, which unlocks the Phantom Door.

6. The player must travel to the Phantom Door, unlock it, and then search for the trapped bunnies: Jack, Snowball, Oliver, and Daisy.

7. After a brief chat with the trapped bunnies, the player must search for the four keys needed to open the cages. These keys will usually change places in Hard Mode.

8. Once all the bunnies have been released, Liza will reappear and give the player a choice of five chests with different prizes.

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  • When handling Phantoms, the player should try to avoid them as much as possible, only attacking/getting into view when absolutely needed. If there are no more Chomper Plants available, they should try to trap them by leading a Phantom into a spot in which it would be unable to return to their original spot. For instance, they could get a Phantom to chase them into a tree and quickly run around the tree so that the Phantom would run against it and get stuck, preventing them from attacking the player.
  • There are many gem-giving chests scattered around in hidden areas (6 in all on Normal). The first one comes when the player reaches the entrance of the Bunny Burrow, before passing the fence. The chest is located downwards into the clump of trees, giving out 50 Gems (on Normal). The second one is located below the bunnies in the river, which awards 200 gems on easy. The next is near Cookie; it is located in the clump of trees next to her that gives out 400 Gems (on Hard). There is also a chest located downriver by the third Phantom Pipe facing to the right, awarding 100 gems (on Normal). Continuing down the river, another chest will appear, rewarding 200 gems (on Normal). The last chest is blocked by a group of rocks, and can only be accessed from the upper left side. A Phantom is guarding the chest, and the chest will award 200 gems (on Normal). There are one to two more chests in Hard Mode.
  • Players should play Hard Mode if they desire to obtain clothing items that have not been available in shops for a long period of time.
  • Players earn more courage points if they are with fewer people, assuming they do more of the adventure and do not sit back and wait until the end prize.
  • The player should try to trap as many Phantoms as they can in a logical order so that they do not have to run unnecessary time-consuming distances for Chomper Plants.
  • On Hard Mode, the five corks after the one from Pumpkin are placed in different places. There are three variations of the placement of the corks.
  • On Hard Mode, the Phantom Keys are placed in different places, including one that is hidden right in a patch of purple flowers right by the cages of trapped bunnies. There are three variations of the placement of the keys, making it more difficult for players to find them. The other two areas they can be found in are in the 'final' gem chest near the Arctic Wolf Passage, and behind the three Phantoms to the right of the 'final' gem chest.


These rewards are obtained by completing the adventure.

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Treasure Chest Normal Hard
Top Left Chest Bunny-fence-rotp Bunny Fence
Random clothing item
Top Center Chest Return-of-the-Phantoms Prize Bunny-Statue Bunny Statue Gems 1,000 Gems
Top Right Chest Stonecircle777 Stone Circle
Random clothing item
Bottom Left Chest Gems 500 Gems Gems 750 or 1,500 Gems
Bottom Right Chest Return-of-the-Phantoms Prize Wheelbarrow Wheelbarrow
Random clothing item

Beta Rewards[]

These rewards could only be obtained while the adventure was in Beta Testing.

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Chest Item
Top Left Return-of-the-Phantoms-Prize BETA-Flower-Barrel Beta Flower Bush
Top Center Return-of-the-Phantoms-Prize BETA-Carrot-Patch Beta Carrot Patch
Top Right Gems 500 Gems
Bottom Left Return-of-the-Phantoms-Prize BETA-Flower-Barrel Beta Flower Barrel
Bottom Right Return-of-the-Phantoms-Prize BETA-Well Beta Well

Animal Passage[]

The only passage in this adventure is the Arctic Wolves-Only gate. It is located just after the Phantom door that must first be unlocked. The prizes that can be earned in this passage are as follows:

Possible Prizes
Clothing Items Hard Mode Only?
Bat Glasses No
Bunny Hat No
Butterfly Wings No
Candy Cane Crown No
Candy Cane Tiara No
Clover Blanket No
Dragon Mask No
Fancy Top Hat No
Flower Necklace No
Freedom Bands Yes
Freedom Bunny Hat No
Freedom Cape Yes
Freedom Hat No
Freedom Helmet Yes
Freedom Mask Yes
Freedom Wings Yes
Hat And Beard No
Hat And Curly Wig No
Heart Locket No
Horned Leg Pads No
Jolly Elf Hat Yes
Knight Helmet No
Lei Yes
Lollipop Necklace No
Mech Angel Wings No
Moon Necklace No
Necklace No
Old Blanket Yes
Old Hood No
Pink Purse Yes
Pirate Sword Yes
Rare Bow And Arrows Yes
Rare Fox Hat Yes
Rare Frankenstein Mask Yes
Rare Glove Yes
Rare Heart Locket Yes
Rare Lei Yes
Rare Mech Angel Wings Yes
Rare Scary Bat Wings Yes
Rare Scary Cat Hat Yes
Rare Spiked Hair Yes
Rare Star Cape Yes
Rare Tiara Yes
Round Glasses No
Scary Horns No
Shark Fin Yes
Silver Glove Yes
Spiked Hair No
Star Cape No
Tiara Yes
Tie No
Turkey Hat No
Worn Blanket Yes
Wreath Necklace No

Beta Prizes[]

These prizes consisted of only den items and could only be obtained while the adventure was in Beta Testing.

Den Items
Bamboo Fence
Beach Ball
Bean Bag Chair
Bird Feeder
Brown Tile
Cool Banner
Coral Canyons Floor
Coral Canyons Wallpaper
Curved Sofa
Earth Day Banner
Elephant Shoji Screen
Fancy Bouquet
Fancy Fireplace
Fancy Tall Candelabra
Fantasy Banner
Fish Bowl
Flat Couch
Four Square Court
Garden Plot
Giant Crystal
Grass Carpet
Green Lawn Chair
Groovy Beach Towel
Hanging Vines
Hay Bale
HD Television
Hovering Desk
"Jamaa" Neon Sign
Koi Pond
Lava Floor
Pink Lamp
Pink Sofa
Recycling Can
Soccer Ball
Seasonal Tree
Spiral Lamp
Star Couch
Starry Walls
Stone Chair
Striped Couch
Sword and Shield
Tablet Computer
Tea Cup
Tea Pots
Train Set
Tree Stump Sink
Vanity And Mirror
Wall Torch
Welcome Mat
Wavy Bookshelf
Wooden Toy Box
Wood Fence
Wood Lawn Chair
Wood Surfboard
Yellow Diner Tiles


  • The NPC Binky, who is seen by the Bunny Burrow door, used to say her parent left her to protect the burrow. However, this changed to say that her friend left her to protect the burrow on an unknown date.
  • There are six "hidden" chests containing gems in this adventure. Two in forests, three near rivers, and one past the gate behind some rocks and a Phantom.
  • Sometime in October 2015, the Bunny Burrow was updated with newer items that were originally released in the Spring Festival, Graham's Workshop, and other various adventures or parties.
  • The Arctic Wolves-Only gate can also be opened by Snowflake Arctic Wolves.
  • There is a rumor that claims that unlocking the bunnies in a certain order in Hard Mode will always get the player good items when claiming a reward from Liza. This rumor has been proven false.
  • In Hard Mode, if a player were to find all secret chests, use all the Chomper Plants, and pick the middle chest (which contains 1000 gems) they would finish the adventure with 2,750 gems.
  • The Head Feather was formerly a prize from the Arctic Wolf passage and completion chests but was later removed.


  • There is a glitch that causes the Phantoms to appear invisible to one of the players, although other players can usually still see the Phantoms.
  • There is a glitch where Liza either does not appear or is invisible at the start of the adventure.
  • There is a glitch where the player cannot see the bunnies, only their speech bubbles.
  • There used to be a glitch that allowed the player to use a flying Animal on this adventure, but it was patched on an unknown date.
  • There is a glitch where the player cannot see their hearts.
  • There is a glitch where when the player gets the key, they are unable to open the Phantom Door or cannot type.
  • There is a glitch where the Phantoms will not attack the player and they can walk past the Phantoms without being harmed.
  • There is a glitch where the player cannot leave the adventure normally through the portal at the end of the "Exit Adventure" button, and the only way out is to refresh or log out.
  • There is a glitch that the Phantom Pipe will not disappear even if the cork is plugged in.
  • There is a glitch where a Phantom can be trapped in the grass.
  • There is a glitch where a Chomper Plant will trap a Phantom, but the Phantom does not go away and does not drop a bag of Gems.
  • There is a glitch where the first cork, given by the bunny NPC Pumpkin, can be used more than once.
  • There was a glitch where Jammers could fly in the adventure without a flying Animal. This glitch is now patched.
  • There is a glitch where the Phantom "beneath" the Arctic Wolf Passage continuously moves to the right.
  • There is a glitch that occurs randomly where the Phantom Key's sprite will paste itself onto the map upon leaving Bunny Burrow.
  • There is a glitch that causes the player's dot to move off the map.
  • There is a glitch where a Phantom can be caught with two or more Chomper Plants at once.
  • There is a glitch where when a Jammer is in Hard Mode, the Map spawns as the Normal Mode.
  • There is a glitch in Hard mode that occurs after a player gets the key to open the door and is put to sleep by a Phantom. The key will still appear to be in the player's possession after waking up, but if they try to open the door, it will say that it is locked. If a player goes into the Bunny Burrow and returns back outside, the key will be able to be picked up in the location where the previous player got put to sleep by the Phantom.
  • There is a glitch where at least one player of the adventure party can walk over trees, passages, polluted rivers, and doors, and go undetected by Phantoms. They can still use the chat function. However, they can not pick up any keys. It also merges the normal and hard map together, causing grass to appear on top of trees and shows polluted pipes pouring into a clean river. The map shows the Bunny Burrow, even though the player is still in the main adventure area.
  • When the adventure was first released, there was a glitch where a player could quickly accumulate courage points if they kept discarding the prize in the Arctic Wolf passage. Upon discarding the prize, the player would still be able to open the chest another time. Every time they discarded the prize, they would gain 10 courage points. This glitch was later patched.
  • There is a glitch where the adventure will end after the player moves and they can get the prize before they finish the adventure.


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