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The Rhino Plushie is a non-member den item.


This is a small plushie that is based on the Rhinoceros animal. The plushie's head is large with two sharp horns, a tall forehead, long pointy ears, and black eyes. The plushie is sitting on the ground at an angle. Three of this item's variants have special accessories such as a pink hair-bow, a goggle-like eyepiece, and several extra horns all around the head. This item has ten different varieties.


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  • This item has a much larger counterpart, the Giant Rhino Plushie.
  • The plushie variants with accessories were called "rare" in the Jamaa Journal, but they do not have a golden rare tag.
  • It can be recycled for 15 Gems, much like many other plushies won from The Claw.
  • This item is one of many plushies.