For the pet counterpart to this animal, see Pet Rhino.

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The Rhinoceros, also known simply as the Rhino, is a non-member land animal in Jamaa. They were first released in June 2011. They left Jamaa on May 23, 2013, but they later returned on July 10, 2014. The Rhinos started traveling again on March 17, 2016, and they returned again on September 1, 2016. On September 14, 2017, Rhinos became available for all Jammers.

Default Appearance

It has dark-gray skin and small black eyes along with white toenails and two large white tusks. Their feet are in a circular shape and their legs are quite short. It has a small, thin tail. It has a tuft of hair on the tip of their head, along with two small ears.


Acts Description
The animal sits northwest, southwest, southeast, or northeast depending on the player.
The animal balances on its left two legs while kicking its right two legs out and then switches to the same pose on the other side.
The animal lies sprawled out on the floor with its head on the ground.
The animal jumps very low in a fast movement.
The animal stomps its feet on the ground and jerks its head from side-to-side.


  • The Alpha of the Rhinoceros is believed to be Ruby.
  • They have a pet counterpart which was released on July 23, 2014.
  • A short clip featuring the Rhinoceros (named "Peck One Already") was introduced in July 2014. Similar clips that featured other animals were released after this one.
  • Certain head items - such as the Mask, Frankenstein Mask, Pumpkin Head, Chicken Hat, Eyeball Hat, and others - appear on the horn instead of the face.
  • The Rhino Plushie, which can be obtained from The Claw game, is based on this animal.
  • Their price is reduced to only 500 Gems on World Rhino Day.


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