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This article is about the game. For the item, see River Race (Item).

River Race is a multiplayer (1-4 players) mini-game that was introduced during Beta Testing. It was originally found in Jamaa Township and later added to the Sol Arcade, but it was removed from those locations in 2012. This game can still be played using the den version of River Race.


This game is played by navigating a small boat down a river while avoiding rocks and whirlpool obstacles that will slow down the boat. The boat can be sped up by cruising over a speed boost that appears as a series of arrows. The objective of the game is to reach the finish line before any of the other boats get there first.


There are five possible achievements that the player could earn for playing River Race:

Achievements Description
Petty Officer! Petty Officer! Play River Race 5 times
Lieutenant! Lieutenant! Play River Race 10 times
Captain! Captain! Play River Race 25 times
Admiral! Admiral! Play River Race 50 times
Speed Boat! Speed Boat! Win River Race 5 times


  • The machine in the Sol Arcade was replaced by Splash and Dash.
  • It is the second game to have a Diamond Shop den item version, the other one being Swoopy Eagle.
  • It is possible to host a multiplayer game, but this requires having the den version of River Race, as it is not available as an option in the games menu. 


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