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Not to be confused with the Golden Rocker Outfit.

The Rocker Outfit is a set of four different clothing pieces that have a punk-rocker theme. Its release was announced on April 28, 2016, in Jamaa Journal Volume 171. The entire set became available in the Diamond Shop on April 30, 2016.


This outfit consists of a jacket, a set of boots, a tail armor, and a wig accessory. The clothing items, not including the wig, all feature colorful, rectangular spikes or studs that are short and wide. Each item in the outfit has eight different color varieties.

Outfit Set[]

Note: All items are members-only.

ItemTypeDiamondUnavailable Since
Rockerhair1Rocker Hair1-Head2July 4, 2024
RockerJacket1Rocker Jacket (2015)3-Body3July 4, 2024
RockerBootsRocker Boots4-Legs2July 4, 2024
PinkRockerTailRingsRocker Tail Rings5-Tail2July 4, 2024


  • The first two parts of this outfit were not released until the day after the set was first announced.
  • Unlike most diamond shop sets, the Rocker Outfit does not have a necklace counterpart.
  • There was a Friendship version of this set being released in the Diamond Shop in celebration of Friendship Day.


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