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Not to be confused with the Mossy Wall.

The Ruin Wall is a members-only den item.


It is a small wall made of damaged, gray bricks. In between the bricks are small patches of moss. This item only comes in one variety.


Large Cactus transparent
This item is uncommon. It has varieties that have not been available for more than four years and cannot be won as a possible prize.

The Ruin Wall was initially released on August 15, 2012, in Jam Mart Furniture and left in November 2012.

Release History Details
OriginArrival DateDeparture Date
Jam Mart FurnitureAugust 15, 2012November 2012


  • It is very similar to the Ruin Path, the only difference being the orientation of the item and the absence of the patches of grass, which is replaced by moss.