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Sarepia Forest is a land area of Jamaa that features an ancient redwood forest landscape. It was introduced during Beta Testing. It has pathways that connect to four other areas: Jamaa Township, Mt. Shiveer, Coral Canyons, and the Lost Temple of Zios.


This area has an open forest floor along the bottom with dense, giant pine-like trees along the top. The forest floor is mostly grassy with scattered fragments of gray rock, a few red mushrooms, and a narrow dirt path that leads from one side to the other. On the left side of the forest, there is a ladder composed of wooden planks secured to the side of one of the giant trees. The ladder leads up to a series of wooden platforms that loop along some of the trees. The platform's area includes some stringed light decorations and there are some yellow ropes tied between the posts of the walkway to serve as guard rails for the edges. There is a campfire near the bottom of the forest, which one can dance/hop around to make the flames bigger, eventually summoning a blue ghost figure resembling Mira.


  • Sarepia Theater - This theater features a variety of educational, animal-themed videos. It is located in a small hut at the top-right of the walkways through the trees. It has a yellow straw roof and it is decorated with a rectangular sign that has a roll of film printed on it and flashing orange-and-blue light-bulbs surrounding it. There are also two lit posters on the tree next to the entrance with red velvet ropes protecting them along the base; these posters display the Alphas, Graham and Sir Gilbert.
  • Theater Lobby - Attached to the Sarepia Theater is a theater lobby area that includes a shop, a popcorn machine mini-game, and a Photo Booth.
Mira ghost thingy

When four Jammers dance at the campfire, Mira will appear as a flaming spirit.

  • Campfire - In the middle of the forest floor along the dirt path is an interactive campfire. When Jammers dance or hop near the campfire, the flames will grow larger. If four or more Jammers dance or hop by the fire pit, blue flames erupt upwards in an impersonation of Mira dancing.
  • Slide - This slide starts near the Pill Bugs game, goes through a hollowed out tree, and ends by the mushroom patch.


  • Flag Shop - It used to be a hut that had a large lock and chains strapped around the entrance, but now sells flags from around the globe. It includes some Jamaa-themed flags and one hundred and eleven country flags, however, eighty-five country flags are absent (in total there are one hundred and ninety-six countries in the world).
  • Treetop Gardens - Near the bridge that leads to Coral Canyons, there is a green blanket with flower patterning, and several potted plants are displayed. This shop sells different plants and plant-themed furniture depending on the season, such as birth-flowers that represent each month.
  • Topiary Shop - This shop sells a variety of shrubs that are carved into the shape of animals. It is found at the end of the slide, in the bottom right corner of the land.
  • Theater Shop - Located inside the Theater Lobby of Sarepia Theater, this shop sells many theater-themed den items for Jammers to build their very own theater in their Dens.
  • Eco Shop - This can be found right where Jammers enter when clicking on Sarepia Forest. It is just to the left of the Pill Bugs game icon and above the slide.


Games Description
Icon of Wind Rider Wind Rider This parachuting game is found at the top of the platforms in the very middle, between the Flag Shop and Sarepia Theater.
Super Sort Icon Super Sort This recycling mini-game is located along the left side of the slide, just to the right of the tree ladder.
Hedge Hog Icon Hedge Hog This mini-game can be found in the bottom-right of the land just left of the tree ladder and above the path to Jamaa Township.
Icon of the Pill Bugs Pill Bugs This mini-game is located along the wooden platforms just to the left of the Treetop Gardens shop.
Theater-Lobby Popcorn-Machine Popcorn Machine This food mini-game is located in the Theater Lobby of Sarepia Theater.
The Claw-0 The Claw This prize mini-game is also located inside the Theater Lobby.
Icon of Swoopy Eagle Swoopy Eagle This flying game can be found above Sarepia Theater in a small nest.
Sarepia-Forest Disc-Toss Disc Toss This pet mini-game is located next to the puppies adoption icon near the bottom of the slide.


Pets Description
Pet Puppy Infobox Pet Puppy There is an adoption icon for puppies in the bottom left of the land, next to the Topiary Shop and the Disc Toss game.
Pet butterfly1 Pet Butterfly This pet can be adopted at an icon along the left of the platforms, just above the tree ladder.

Journey Book[]

The Journey Book for Sarepia Forest includes eleven different animals and landscape features from the temperate forest areas in North America. The prize for finding all of the features is a Treehouse.

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Species Location
Termites Termite Jammers can find the termite nest to the top of the ladder far left of the slide end.
Firefly Fireflies Go down the ladder a little, wait, and the fireflies will be small glowing dots above a log to the left.
Moss Moss Go down the slide near the spawn point. The moss is the green matter on the tree to the left.
Sarepia Forest Mushroom Mushrooms Click on the brown mushrooms down below the moss and slide.
Skunk Skunks There would be a family of skunks walking down across the campfire area every now and then.
Poison Ivy Poison Ivy At the bottom of the ladder, directly to the right.
Snail Snail To the left of the ladder below the log. Jammers will see it crawl out every couple seconds.
Woodpecker Woodpecker The woodpecker will fly out of the hole south-east of the spawn point and peck on the tree.
Great Horned Owl Great Horned Owl Flies down from the sky and land on the Coral Canyons sign to the right of the Theater Lobby.
Raven Raven Can be found by the Wind Rider game landing on the fence just South East of it.
Chipmunk Chipmunk Will be running across a tree branch in a clearing above the staircase next to the termites. It can be found above the adoption to the Butterfly Pet.


Journey Book of Sarepia Forest-0
  • Based on its Journey Book entries, and the trees in the area that are very similar to redwoods, Sarepia Forest seems to be based on woodland areas in the west coast United States.
  • The campfire attractions stopped working in early 2011, but it was later fixed in late February 2012.
    • There are false rumors that if enough Jammers dance around the campfire, they can win rares and betas.
  • There is a glitch that can happen with the slide where the player can stay on it and walk to where a dark cavern is.
  • The Topiary Shop was added on June 10, 2015.
  • With the introduction of The Hidden Falls, an entrance to the Adventure Command Post was added in the top-middle of the area. This entrance was removed just a month later when The Hidden Falls and other 2D adventures were moved to the regular Adventure Base Camp.
  • The Swoopy Eagle nest above the Sarepia Theater is normally only accessible to flying animals, but land animals can also reach it if they stand in the right spot.
  • It was originally named just "Sarepia".
  • On the wallpapers section of the Downloads page on the Animal Jam website in 2010, Sarepia Forest's name is misspelled as "Serepia Forest".
  • The name "Sarepia Forest" may be based on the word "sepia", a popular color tone used in films in the early 1900s, as supported by the fact that Sarepia Forest's main attraction is a movie theater.
  • As a possible Easter egg for players to discover, on the tree with a ladder, claw marks were visible for a limited time before Cougars were released, hinting at its future release.
  • During the Beta stage, you couldn't go down the slide.
  • This is the only land that did not have a birthday cake during Animal Jam Classic's 7th Birthday Celebration.
  • There is a glitch that can sometimes cause the campfire to progress through all of its stages and grow into the Mira impression, even if there aren't any players dancing around it.


We all know that Jamaa is a magical land that is filled with fun and mystery, but did you know that all throughout Jamaa, some amazing things can happen when lots of Jammers gather together?
~ AJHQ on The Daily Explorer - Jamaa Mysteries - Sarepia Forest!


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