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The Scorpion Armor Set is a collection of members-only clothing items that were first released during October 2013. It later returned in November 2015 and it is sold at Epic Wonders. The whole set consists of four pieces for the legs, body, tail, and head.


As the name implies, this set is designed to make the wearer look like a scorpion. It has several scorpion-like features such as a stinger on the tail, pincers on the legs, and shell-like armor on the back and head.

Armor Set[]

Note: All items are members-only.

ItemTypeGemsUnavailable Since
Scorpion Helmet orangeScorpion Helmet1-Head1,000April 27, 2018
Scorpion Armor orangeScorpion Armor3-Body1,000Currently available
Epic-Wonders Scorpion-Claws OrangeScorpion Claws4-Legs1,250Currently available
Scorpion Tail Armor orangeScorpion Tail Armor5-Tail1,500Currently available


  • It is the third set sold since the release of the Diamond Shop.
  • The total cost to purchase all items in this set is 4,750 Gems.