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For the pet counterpart, see Pet Seal.


The Seal is a non-member land and ocean animal that was first released on January 20, 2011. When seals were first released, they were the first animal to be available exclusively to members. They are the very first animal to be released after the Beta Testing, and the first animal to be released on its own. Four weeks after their release, they were made available to all Jammers.

Default Appearance

The Seal has light cream-colored fur with a pink nose and dark green eyes. It has a spiky tuft of fur on the top of their head and lavender paw pads. The Seal also appears to be very short in height.



Acts Description
It sits mostly like its standing, but paws are closer and its head is slightly tilted down.
It slams its paw on the ground, then twists itself while spinning.
It sleeps while its head is on its paw, and breathes.
The Seal hops slightly near the ground, with paws helping it boost up.
It leaps onto its tail, then backflips.


Acts Description
It looks like it's standing, with tail down.
It keeps putting one paw up, left or right and moves in the same direction.
It dives down, then water pushes Seal up.
It swirls by swimming with its paws. After a while it speeds up then slows down again.
It does a backflip like in water and spins up.


  • The seal's skin and eyes when first purchased is a secret color. Once the color is changed, it cannot be changed back to the secret color.
  • There is a glitch when a seal wears a Jamaaliday Scarf while sleeping, the scarf cannot be seen.
  • Mt. Shiveer was released just before seals were released and used to have the outline of a seal carved into the ice.
  • There is a glitch when a seal wears a Backpack while sleeping, the backpack is frozen.
  • When seals were first released, they were a land-only animal due to the fact that the underwater areas had not been released. Once they were, seals became an underwater animal as well.
  • There is a glitch, when you put in the splotch pattern and hop, your seal will turn a darker version of the color your pattern is.
  • There is a glitch when your seal wears the Scorpion Tail Armor. When the seal sits while wearing this, the tail will go through the animal.
  • There is a glitch that was discovered on December 20, 2018, where the Seal will stop at the beginning of its Dance action.
  • There is a glitch when your seal wears the Jamaaliday Tail Ribbons. When equipped, it will appear magenta but when you close out, it will appear the original color.


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