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Not to be confused with the Rare Sequins Bow or Blackout Sequin Bow.

The Sequin Bow is a non-member land clothing item that is worn on the head. It was released during November 2016 and it can be obtained by redeeming the promo code that is bundled with the Dress Up Friends playset from the Jazwares Toys.


This Sequin Bow appears as a green hair bow that has small circular sparkles. When worn by a player, this bow also has animated, diamond-shaped sparkles that appear around it continuously. This item comes in two varieties, one of which is a Rare Item Monday. The rare variant is yellow and follows the same design of the promo version.


  • It is very similar to the Sparkly Head Bow.
  • There was a glitch before, where the Sequin Bow does not appear on Koala's player card.
  • The Rare variant was sold in Jam Mart Clothing on September 18, 2017.
  • Unlike the original variety, the rare version is called the "Rare Sequins Bow."
  • This is the only promo item with a Rare Item Monday variant.
  • When the Rare variant is worn on a goat, it will appear floating above the goat's head on the player card.
  • The Rare variant will not appear on the player card when the user's animal is a Falcon.