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Not to be confused with AJ Birthday Cake Collection.

The Seven Wonders of Jamaa Cakes collection is a non-member collection of den items that consists of seven birthday cakes celebrating Animal Jam Classic's seventh anniversary. Each cake was placed in its eponymous land and was sold for 77 Gems.


The seven cakes each have different appearances to reflect the land that they are based on and found in, with a yellow "7" candle on the top of each cake.


Appondale Cake.png Appondale Tree Cake
Canyons Cake.png Coral Canyons Archway Cake
Crystal Sands Cake.png Crystal Sands Waterslide Cake
Jamaa Cake.png Jamaa Township Mira Statue Cake
Kimbara Cake.png Kimbara Outback Waterfall Cake
Temple Cake.png Lost Temple Of Zios Cake
Mt. Shiveer Cake Mt. Shiveer Summit Cake


  • Unlike the traditional other cakes of the AJ Birthday Cake Collection, these are bought instead of redeemed with a code, were not released in September, and are not interactive.
  • Being as it's Animal Jam's seventh birthday, the number "7" is a common theme throughout the cakes, as it appears on the candle, in the price, and the code announced alongside the cakes gives players 777 Gems.
  • There is a cake for every land except Sarepia Forest and the underwater lands.
  • They are similar to the other items in the AJ Birthday Cake Collection.