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Sheep are a members-only land animal that were released on January 19, 2017. They can be purchased in the Diamond Shop. They first appeared on January 5, 2017, in The Phantom Fortress adventure as NPCs. In February 2020, it was obtainable via purchasing a membership during the month with the Lovely Bakery Bundle. It returned on June 23, 2022.

Default Appearance

Sheep have a small, fluffy body covered mostly with white swirls of wool. Their feet are tiny stubs with dark hooves, and they have large, triangular heads, both of which are dark grey. They also have long floppy ears with pink insides, black half-moon eyes, and a tuft of wool on the top of their head.


Acts Description
They sit up straight with their hind hooves sticking out.
They prance around, occasionally doing a heel-click.
They lay down, with their hooves tucked under their wool and animated zzz's appear over the head.
They bounce high into the air.
They hop back and forth over a wooden fence.


  • Greely attempts to disguise himself as one of the Sheep to infiltrate the Phantom Fortress. This may be a reference to the saying, "A wolf in sheep's clothing", meaning someone who appears harmless but is actually hostile.
  • In The Phantom Fortress, the Sheep were kept prisoner by the Phantoms.
    • When the Sheep are finally rescued, Sir Gilbert says that he will help find their heartstone and bring them to Jamaa.
    • A secret passage in this adventure reveals unsent messages in bottles right next to the cell where the Sheep were imprisoned. This suggests that the Sheep were the ones sending messages to Jamaa during the Message In A Bottle event. They also hinted by intentionally misspelling "bad" as "baad", a reference to the sound a sheep makes.
  • The initial designs of the sheep originally had more than three "swirls" in their wool according to Taylor Maw, the lead character designer for Animal Jam Classic.
  • AJHQ hinted on the Jamaa Journal that "the newest ADVENTURE" (The Phantom Fortress) would contain information to help Jammers decipher "what NEW ANIMAL will soon be coming to Jamaa".
  • They also have their very own animal passage in The Phantom Fortress.
  • Both the primary and the secondary default colors are not available on the palettes for Sheep. Once they are changed, they cannot be returned to their default.
  • There is a glitch where some tail clothing items (such as the Skullys, the Turkey Tail Feathers, and the Peacock Feathers) do not appear when worn by the Sheep.
  • The Phoenix Leg Armor and the rare variant of the Backpack appear unusually dark when worn by Sheep.
  • Half of the lines on the Bright Idea Hat appear black when equipped onto a sheep.
  • When they first came out, it could not have eyelashes.
  • The Sheep passage in The Phantom Fortress gives a Sheep Hat.
  • The Jamaaliday Scarf and the Feather Tail does not appear on the Sheep outside the player card.
  • The Sheep is part of the small group of domesticated animals in Jamaa, which also include the Pig, Goat, Horse, and Llama.
  • Some clothing items, like Mystical Faerie wings, do not show up when a sheep wears it. In addition, some tail items do not appear on a sheep. It is suspected that this was done on purpose, as the sheep avatars do not have visible tails.
  • Unlike most animals, the Sheep hops when it walks.
  • When playing in water, the animation of the sheep is cut.
  • There is a glitch that occurs where when a Sheep wears a Feathered Mask, it will skim inside then out as if it was flapping around. As of now, it has not been fixed yet.
  • When wearing a tie, the patches do not show up.
  • The sheep's play action is a reference to counting sheep.


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