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The Shiveer Shoppe is a store that sells land clothing items with mostly a winter and snow theme. The shop is located in the bottom-left corner of the Hot Cocoa Hut at a small clothing rack.


This shop simply appears as a small wooden clothing rack in the bottom left of the Hot Cocoa Hut. The rack holds up three snow jackets that appear to be a combination of an Arctic Hood and an Arctic Coat in the colors red, purple, and grey-blue. A light brown A-frame sign is positioned off to the left with the word "SALE" written in white text and surrounded by red.



Item Type Gems.png Members-Only?
Winter Blanket.png Winter Blanket 3Body.png 350 Yes
Snow Trail Shoes.png Snow Trail Shoes 4Legs.png 550 Yes
Snow Shoes.png Snow Shoes 4Legs.png 250 Yes
OldWinterBoots1.png Old Winter Boots 4Legs.png 500 Yes
Cozy Shoes.png Cozy Shoes 4Legs.png 300 Yes
TatteredScarf.png Tattered Scarf 2Neck.png 450 Yes
Old Blanket.png Old Blanket 3Body.png 200 No
Polarwinterhood.PNG Polar Winter Hood 1Head.png 450 Yes
Polarwinterjacket.PNG Polar Winter Jacket 3Body.png 450 Yes
Polarsnowshoes.PNG Polar Snowshoes 4Legs.png 350 Yes
Shiveer-Shoppe Wacky-Winter-Hat Blue.png Wacky Winter Hat 1Head.png 500 Yes
Snow Boots 1.png Snow Boots 4Legs.png 500 Yes
Quilted Blanket purple.png Quilted Blanket 3Body.png 450 No
Winter Hood 1.png Winter Hood 1Head.png 300 Yes
GreenSillyWinterHat.png Silly Winter Hat 1Head.png 400 Yes
Iciculelightbluesp.png Icicle Antlers 1Head.png 850 Yes
Knitted Hat.png Knitted Hat 1Head.png 250 Yes
Pink Sweater.png Knitted Sweater 3Body.png 550 Yes

Limited Time

There are currently no items on clearance.