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This article is about the Jamaa stores. For the den item, see My Shop.

Shops are features in Jamaa that allow Jammers to purchase a variety of goods from Pets, Animals, and Dens to clothing accessories, den furniture, and den music. Shops can be found in most areas of Jamaa.


Shop Furniture Example

An example of a furniture shop

On the outside, each shop has a unique appearance, but most shops are accessed through the same interface screen. The shop screen includes the name of the shop at the top and the player's current currency amount is displayed along the bottom. Arrow buttons can be found at the bottom corners of the shop screen to navigate through the different pages. The standard shop screen page displays a two-by-three grid of six entries available for purchase.

Each entry has a price tag with currency icons included in its top left corner; the price tag is green when the player can afford the purchase, but it changes to red if the purchase is too expensive. Each entry also includes a picture in the center and when hovered, the name of the entry appears on a blue bar underneath the picture. Most entries can be clicked to reveal a larger version of it that displays more details, but the pet and animal entries will instead display the Choose a Pet or Choose an Animal screens.

Den Preview[]

The Den Shop, as well as its counterpart in the Diamond Shop, includes a preview button for each den that allows Jammers to enter a blank version of the den and explore it without purchasing it. While inside the den preview, the standard interface is replaced with a button to exit the preview and a button to purchase the previewed den.

Accessory Preview[]


An example of a clothing shop with the accessory preview

The Accessory Preview is a feature that allows Jammers to preview a clothing item before buying it. The preview offsets the grid of items to one side while the other side displays the player's current animal, similar to the preview window on the Change Your Look screen. When the player clicks a clothing item from the store, it will appear on their animal in the preview window, replacing any equipped item of the same type. Along the bottom of the preview window are small pictures of the other available color variants, which can be clicked to preview each color. There is a magnifying glass button on the top corner of the preview window that becomes active when an item is being previewed; when clicked, it will display a close-up view of the item.


Shop Sorting

The sorting buttons

Introduced in 2016, the sorting button included in each shop allows Jammers to sort the shop's list. Each shop can be sorted by price, by name, or by date, and the sorting can be done either in ascending order or descending order.


The primary currency in Animal Jam Classic is Gems, which can be used to make purchases at most of Jamaa's shops. The secondary currency is Diamonds, which are spent almost exclusively in the Diamond Shop. In addition, Eco Credits are another form of currency that can be used to purchase Eco items from the Eco Shop.

Seasonal Currency[]

Some currencies are only available on a seasonal basis during certain times of the year. These are typically tied to some type of event or adventure that is only available for a limited time each year. These currencies include:

Currency Description
Earth crystal icon Earth Crystals Only used in the Battle for the Beacon adventure
Summer-Carnival-Shop 1000-Tickets Tickets Only used in the Summer Carnival event
Graham's-Workshop Resource Stone Stone Only used in the adventure Graham's Workshop
Graham's-Workshop Resource Straw Straw Only used in the adventure Graham's Workshop
Graham's-Workshop Resource Bamboo Bamboo Only used in the adventure Graham's Workshop
Graham's-Workshop Resource Gemstone Gemstone Only used in the adventure Graham's Workshop
Graham's-Workshop Resource Gold Gold Only used in the adventure Graham's Workshop
Graham's-Workshop Resource Wood Wood Only used in the adventure Graham's Workshop
Graham's-Workshop Resource Silver Silver Only used in the adventure Graham's Workshop

List of Shops[]

Shop Location
??? Basement of Secrets
Adventure Shop Adventure Base Camp
Alpha Headquarters Alpha Headquarters
Ancient Antiquities Balloosh
Ancient Armory Temple of the Ancients
Ancient Treasures Temple of the Ancients
Astronomy Shop Sol Arcade
Bahari Bargains Bahari Bargains & Change Your Look (Underwater)
Den Shop Coral Canyons & Edit Den & Deep Blue (Ocean Dens)
Diamond Exchange Diamond Shop
Diamond Shop Diamond Shop & Deep Blue (Ocean Mannequins)
Eco Shop Sarepia Forest
Epic Wonders Epic Wonders
Flag Shop Flag Shop
Forgotten Relics Forgotten Archive
Hospital Shop Gabby's Animal Hospital
Jam Mart Clothing Jam Mart Clothing & Change Your Look
Jam Mart Furniture Jam Mart Furniture & Edit Den
Marine Marvels Deep Blue
Museum Shop Conservation Museum
Music Shop Edit Den
Mystery Emporium Chamber of Knowledge
Ocean Diamond Shop Bahari Bargains & Sunken Treasures
Outback Imports Outback Imports
Pet Den Item Shop Claws 'N Paws & Change Your Look (My Pets)
Royal Ridge Coral Canyons
Shiveer Shoppe Hot Cocoa Hut
Sol Arcade Shop Sol Arcade
Studio Corner Art Studio & Masterpiece Gallery Party
Sunken Treasures Sunken Treasures & Edit Den (Underwater)
Theater Shop Theater Lobby
Topiary Shop Sarepia Forest
Treetop Gardens Sarepia Forest

Limited-time Shops[]

The following shops are only available for a limited time during the year. This includes shops in Parties, seasonal Adventures, and as part of seasonal events.

Shop Location Time of Year
??? Epic Dens Random
AJ Birthday Shop AJ Birthday Party September (September 9th)
April Fools' Shop April Fools' Party March & April (April 1st)
Atlantis Shop Atlantis Party Random
Beta Shop Beta Party August
Bounce House Shop Bounce House Party Random
Bunnies Only Shop Bunnies Only Party Random
Cake Shop Lands of Jamaa September
Candy Shop Jammer Parties Random
Chinese New Year Shop Chinese New Year Party February
Cloud Shop Cloud Party Random
Cruise Ship Shop Cruise Ship Party Random
Dinner Shop Dinner Party Random
Earth Crystal Shop Battle for the Beacon May-September (Random)
Freedom Shop Freedom Party June-July (Freedom Day)
Friendship Shop Friendship Party February (Friendship Festival)
Graham's Workshop Graham's Workshop May-September (Random)
Hat Shop Lands of Jamaa Random (Hatapalooza)
Haunted Forest Shop Haunted Forest Party October (Night of the Phantoms)
Heatwave Shop Heatwave Party Random
Horses Only Shop Horses Only Party Random
Jam Session Shop Jam Session Random
Jamaaliday Gift Shop Diamond Shop December (Jamaalidays)
Jamaaliday Shop Jamaaliday Jam December (Jamaalidays) & July (Jamaalidays in July)
Leap Year Accessories Leap Year Party February-March (Leap Day - February 29th)
Leap Year Den Items Leap Year Party February-March (Leap Day - February 29th)
Lucky Shop Lucky Party March (Lucky Day)
Monkeys Only Shop Monkeys Only Party Random
New Year's Shop New Year's Party December-January (December 31st)
Paradise Shop Paradise Party Random
Party Shop Jammer Parties Random
Penguins Only Shop Penguins Only Party Random
Pets Only Shop Pets Only Party Random
Play Wild Shop Play Wild Party Random
Play-As-Your-Pet Shop Play-As-Your-Pet Party Random
Schoolhouse Shop Schoolhouse Party August-September
Spooky Shop Spooky Party October (Night of the Phantoms)
Summer Carnival Shop Summer Carnival May-August
Wolves Only Shop Wolves Only Party Random
Year of the Rooster Shop Year of the Rooster Party February

Removed Shops[]

The following shops are no longer available since they have been removed from Jamaa.

Shop Location
Museum Den Shop Conservation Museum
Clothing Shop The Blue Heron & Welcome Party
Coral Corner Coral Canyons
Den Portal Shop Lost Temple of Zios


  • Crystal Sands is the only area that does not contain any regular shops. However, the Hat Shop and the Cake Shop appear there seasonally.
  • The Den preview feature was introduced on August 8, 2014.
  • The accessory preview replaced the standard shop screen for clothing shops on May 12, 2016.
  • There is an occasional glitch where the accessory preview layers the shop item over an existing item of the same type instead of replacing it.
  • There was a glitch with the den preview that allowed Jammers to host an adventure and then preview a den and start the adventure from inside the previewed den, resulting in an adventure screen that was missing all of the interface controls. However, this was fixed in 2016.
  • An update on May 12, 2016, created a glitch where attempting to preview a den will display the loading screen forever.
  • There is a glitch with the den preview that allows the player to type in the action commands like ":dance:" and ":hop:" to perform those actions while inside the previewed den even though the chat bar is not visible.
  • There is a glitch where the accessory preview can display clothing items as solid magenta, but they cannot be purchased. This can occur if the player is previewing a non-default color variant of an item while on a non-default sorting option, then clicks one of the sorting buttons such that an item with fewer color variants aligns in the same slot as the previewed item, and finally clicks the close-up magnifying glass button. This can only occur in shops that have items with different quantities of color variants, such as the Diamond Shop or Epic Wonders; it does not work in shops like Jam Mart Clothing because all of the items have eight color variants.
  • There is a glitch where the boundaries of the accessory preview do not extend far enough, causing certain clothing items to appear cut off when previewed on certain animals.