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Despite his fearsome appearance and warrior reputation, Gilbert yearns for a quieter life.
~ The Daily Explorer on Sir Gilbert

Sir Gilbert is the Alpha for Tigers. He was introduced in 2010 as one of the first six Alphas, but his first appearance in the game was as a statue released in 2011. He was not actually seen in the game until The Hidden Falls was released in 2016.


Sir Gilbert is presented as a large orange tiger with whisker markings, flecks beneath his green eyes, and a beard separated into three braids. His attire is a red cape with a blue cloth sash fastened around his right arm with a medal of merit (it is assumed that it was given to him by Mira). The medal of the merit is striped blue and yellow and the metal part of the medal is in form of a blue cross. He also wears two rings, one with a ruby and one without and a plated armlet with a dark purple stone embedded in it. He also wears silver metal cuffs on all four of his legs.


Sir Gilbert, the regal tiger Shaman, is a proud warrior. He takes his ancestry very seriously and always makes it a point to honor those that came before him when going into battle. Even though he has a rough appearance, Sir Gilbert is a very thoughtful, spiritual animal with a caring nature. His personality is serious, reverential, and soft-spoken. He has a deep, low voice that can be as soothing as it is menacing. As a mentor to new tigers, Sir Gilbert can be a tough teacher, but he possesses great wisdom and knows a lot about the history of Jamaa and its ongoing struggle with the phantoms that inhabit the Animal Jam world.
~ Shaman Animals Lore
The tiger Alpha Sir Gilbert is stoic, but would you believe he's funny, too? [His] jokes always have the room in a roar!
~ Arthur, Play Wild's Traveling Salesman


The Hidden Falls - The player delivers a letter to Sir Gilbert from Graham at the end of this 2D adventure. Gilbert compliments the player on a job well done and explains that there is still much more needed of them.

The Front Lines - Sir Gilbert is one of the primary Alphas in this 2D adventure. The player visits Sir Gilbert in his palace, where he requests that the player undergo tests to prove they are worthy of joining Sir Gilbert's ranks. The player then joins Gilbert at a camp where the player must pass three trials for speed, reflexes, and bravery. Sir Gilbert later asks the player to get through the Phantoms' defenses on the battlefield. The player meets up with Gilbert again at the end of the adventure, where he talks about the Phantom Fortress and a way to clean up the Phantoms' damage.

The Phantom Badlands - In this 2D adventure, Sir Gilbert is once again one of the primary Alphas. The player is greeted by him and Graham at the beginning and instructed to find a special shrine, which is later discovered to be a shrine to Mira. Once the shrine is discovered, Sir Gilbert appears to help search for the ancient relic, Mira's Feather. Finally, Sir Gilbert uses the power of the feather to restore the beauty to the land.

The Phantom Fortress - The player meets with Sir Gilbert partway into the adventure, and he requests that the player raise banners to rally his tiger troops to scare off some Phantom scouts. At the end of the adventure, Sir Gilbert makes another appearance where he exclaims that it is time to charge and finish of the Phantoms, but Cosmo requests that Gilbert escort the Sheep back to Jamaa instead.

Storming the Fortress - Sir Gilbert meets the player at the end to congratulate Greely and the player on finding Peck.

The Trials of Zios - Sir Gilbert appears in the beginning of the adventure along with Liza and gives the player an introduction to the adventure.

Teleportation - Like other Alphas, Sir Gilbert can teleport, his teleportation is large fire

Shield magic- Sir Gilbert can make shields appear this is only seen in The Phantom Fortress


  • He is named after Gilbert H. Grosvenor, the editor of National Geographic from 1970 to 1980 and creator of National Geographic Kids.
  • The meaning of Gilbert is a combination of a "pledge" and "bright" or "famous" with its origins coming from France.
  • It is hinted on his trading card that his guardian land is Crystal Sands. This could be related to the fact that Crystal Sands originally contained a cave entrance that was carved like a Tiger's face, or that there is a Tigers-only area in the Play Wild version of Crystal Sands.
  • It is stated that his favorite color is red. This was told on his profile during the Beta Testing.

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