This article is about the music item. For the game, see Sky High.
For the item, see Sky High (Item). Sky High is a members-only musical den item. It can be purchased from the Music Shop and was first released on September 15, 2011.

Cover Art

The cover art is two clouds with a pink gem on top of one of them, just like the game. The title, Sky High, is printed at the top with some type of old-western font.


This music has a happy melody with a fast-paced rhythm. It seems to feature a piano and a harp for the main melody with a quiet drum-set in the background and some type of string instrument for a side melody. There are also ambient sounds of wind blowing and some other electronic instruments.


  • As the name suggests, this is the same as the background music in the game Sky High.
  • It is the only music so far to be based off a game.
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