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The Sky Kingdom is a members-only land den. It was released on November 5, 2014, in the Diamond Shop for 7 Diamonds. It later returned in June 2018 and left on August 11, 2020. It returned again on November 13, 2020, but left on July 2, 2021.


The Sky Kingdom is quite large in size and consists of a series of floating islands surrounded by a cloudy sky. It is separated into four different main islands that are all accessible from a small center island that features a compass-like pathway and a giant heron statue (presumably Mira) with multicolored crystal wings, and a beam of sunlight.

The northwest island is a dark and rainy area with a lake and pine trees at its peak. A river runs down a series of small cliffs, with tiny waterfalls that the player may slide on, all the way to the southwest part.

The southwest island includes a tiny village with two small houses. There is a lake above the houses that flows into a water wheel and then flows down a small stream and off the edge of the island.

The northeast island consists mainly of a castle, similar to the Crystal Palace, but smaller and with a different structure. The castle includes three floors and two round spires with small areas of grass on the outside of the first and second floors. At the topmost spire, there is a short rainbow slide that leads to a small floating island above the castle. Connected to this small island is a very long slide that leads to the southeast area.

The southeast area consists of one main island and several smaller islands. The area is flat and grassy with a few stones and a small path that leads down to a bridge and the southern-most island.


  • It was obtainable from the Ferocious Feline Bundle during May 2018, the Fearsome Kingdom Bundle during January 2019, the When Pigs Fly Bundle during April 2019, the Build-Your-Own Terrain Bundle during March 2020, and the Knight Owl Bundle during November 2020.
  • The Sky Kingdom is just one of a few dens that feature a statue of an alpha or superior figure (Mira); some of the other dens that feature such statues include the Crystal Palace Den, Liza's Garden, and Peck's Den.
  • It holds the record for the longest slide in Jamaa.
  • There are five slides in this den - three small waterslides in the Northwest portion, one rainbow slide in the Northeast portion, and one regular slide in the Northeast/Southeast portion.
  • On June 30, 2016, it went on sale for 4 diamonds for the fourth weekly diamond sale.
  • In Jamaa Journal vol. 131, it was labeled as 'the biggest den in Jamaa'; its size is comparable to Greely's Hideout and the Crystal Palace Den.
  • There are no unique patterns for the flooring items used on this den, but many of them include unique borders to simulate the look of a giant rug.
  • There is a section of land in the northwest island that is only accessible to flying animals. However, a non-flying animal can see it from the left side of the third floor in the northeast island.
  • The den returned for 4 Diamonds from November 4, 2021, to November 9, 2021, as part of the Diamond Den Sale event.


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