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For the pet counterpart, see Pet Sloth.


The Sloth is a members-only land animal that was first released on July 21, 2016. They were first announced on January 21, 2016, in a poll that asked which new animal Jammers would like to see come to Jamaa, but they did not win the most votes and their release was delayed. On June 23, 2016, there was a hint in the Jamaa Journal for the Sloth, and on July 7, 2016, it was confirmed that Sloths would be coming to Animal Jam Classic. They can be purchased in the Diamond Shop.

Default Appearance

The Sloth appears to be leaf green with fuchsia pink rings around its eyes. They have a splash of a pale lime green color in between the fuchsia mask.


Acts Description
It sits leaning a bit, looking forward.
It slams its hand onto the ground, turns around, and repeats the order.
It sleeps on the ground with its head laying on its arms.
It hops with its hands like it's doing jump rope, similar to the Octopus.
It goes onto a swing-like structure and hangs as it spins in a circle.


  • It was one of the three options, in a poll to decide the next new animal sometime in 2016, along with the Falcon and Ostrich. Since the Sloth was released after the Falcon but before the Ostrich, this could indicate that it earned second place in the poll, with the Ostrich in third.
  • This is the second animal in the Diamond Shop to cost 5 Diamonds, the first being the Pig.
  • Although they walk slow in reality, they go as fast as the other animals in the game, but the Sloth's motion for moving goes slow.
  • The in-game Sloth must walk on the ground to go anywhere, but in reality, sloths rarely leave the trees to move on the ground.
  • There is a glitch that happens if the Sloth is wearing the lightning bolt pattern: when it plays, the patterns will appear too far away from the Sloth.
  • Like the Pig, Hyena, Sheep, and Panda, when the Sloth wears a Pirate Sword, Sword, or Golden Pirate Sword, the swords are doubled.
  • The Sloth has its own Minibook in the Chamber of Knowledge. Upon finishing the quiz at the end of the Minibook, the player is awarded a Sloth Trophy.
  • When the Sloth wears a Princess Dress, it will not appear on the preview avatar of the Sloth when customizing the Sloth.
  • When wearing a Viking Hat on the Sloth, the hat curves to fit the shape of the Sloth's head, unlike when worn on other animals.
  • While wearing the Bow And Arrows, the bow and arrows will hang there without any string.
  • When wearing the default colored Skeleton Suit, it will appear completely white with faint outlines around the bones.
  • When a Sloth plays while wearing a Fang NecklaceSkullys (2016), or Skull Helmet, as well as many other items, the swing-like structure that they spin on appears as an unusual color.
  • When the Sloth wears a Tie, the patches don't show up.
  • When a Sloth walks on a drum or in a bouncy house, their hopping animation appears longer than when compared to manual hopping.
  • There is a pet sloth, earned by adopt-a-pet cupcake series by adopting Honeydew.


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