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The Small House is a non-member land den that every Jammer owns by default automatically when they start playing. It was released when the Beta Testing period ended. It is one of the “smallest” dens in the game.


Outside, there is a stone patio with several shades of gray rock in it behind the house. In front of the house, there is a large patch of grass with a garden pathway made out of hard dirt and stones. The Small House consists of only one parlor room with white walls. The house has a single floor, which has brown textured stripes on it. It appears to be on a cliff with some leaves behind it and mountains in the background. The house has thick wooden beams framing its corners and sides. The roof consists of red, brown, and orange tiles that are combined to form an arch-like shape for one side and a steep triangle for the other side.


  • Prior to its release, the Beta Den was used.
  • It is the first non-member land den.
  • This was the first non-member den released after the end of Beta Testing.
  • It is the default den given to all New Jammers when they create an account.
  • It was originally only sold to players with Membership, but all Jammers had it as their first den. This meant that all non-members were limited to only one Small House den and could not buy additional dens.
  • The first Small House den cannot be recycled; however, any additional Small House dens that are purchased can be recycled.
  • Ever since the Sunken Ship Den was changed from members-only to non-member, non-members were able to own two dens.
  • Before being clicked on in the shop, it appears to only have an arch-shaped roof and no triangle shaped side.
  • On September 13, 2018, an Autumn variation of this den was released, the Autumn Small House.
  • On January 10, 2019, a Winter variation of this den was released, the Winter Small House.
  • On March 26, 2020, a Spring variation of this den was released, the Spring Small House.