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Not to be confused with Phantom Pod.

The Small Phantom Pod is a non-member den item.


This consists of a small, circular pod resting atop a thin stem. The stem and body of the object is a dark purple. There are light-purple spots on the pod as well as eight small spikes. The pod seems to be surrounded by a faint purple glow. This item has only one version.

Adventure Element[]

In the Adventures, this item is primarily a minor barrier that can be avoided and will not harm the player. Destroying this item will provide the player with 5 Courage Points and drop a bag filled with 5 Gems. There is a smaller version of this item in the cave section of Bitter Sweets; it only drops 1 Gem or 1 Piece of candy when it is destroyed.


The Small Phantom Pod was initially released on March 20, 2014, as the top middle normal mode completion prize from The Search For Greely.

Release History Details
OriginArrival DateDeparture Date
The Search For GreelyMarch 20, 2014N/A


  • The Small Phantom Pod seems to be related to the Phantom Pod.