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The Snake Habitat is a members-only den item.


The Snake Habitat consists of a patch of dirt, a rock archway, sprouting squarish grass, a branch, and what appears to be a root. It is fairly small being sized for a pet, particularly pet Snakes, hence the name of the item. This item comes in only one variety.


The Snake Habitat was initially released on May 16, 2012, in the Pet Den Item Shop. It was most recently released on August 2, 2012, in the Pets Only Shop and will leave on an unknown date.

Release History Details
OriginArrival DateDeparture Date
Pet Den Item ShopMay 16, 2012N/A
Pets Only ShopAugust 2, 2012N/A


  • At its current price, this item is the most expensive item in the Snake Collection and in Claws 'N Paws.