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The Snow Collection is an unofficial set of land den items that follow the theme of snow. These items were first released in December 2014, and they return seasonally as prizes in the Jamaaliday Rescue adventure.


Each of these items primarily consists of snow that is shaped into some type of furniture. Most of the items include some type of non-snow accessory.


Items Members-Only?
Snow chair Snow Chair No
Jamaaliday-Rescue Snow-Couch Snow Couch Yes
Jamaaliday-Rescue 150-NM Snow-Dresser Snow Dresser No
Snow lamp Snow Lamp No
Jamaaliday-Rescue 150-NM Snow-Ottoman Snow Ottoman No
Jamaaliday-Rescue Snow-Speaker Snow Speaker Yes
Jamaaliday-Rescue 150-NM Snow-Table Snow Table No
Snow tv Snow TV Yes


Name Members-Only
Snowy Paw Prints Yes
Snowman Thrones Yes
Snowman in the Box No
Snowman Fridge No
Snowman Family No
Snowman Yes
Snowflake Table Yes
Snowflake Rug No
Snowflake Decorations No
Snowflake Bookshelf Yes
Snowflake Banner No
Snow Patch No
Snow Fort Wall Yes
Snow Fort Throne Yes
Snow Cloud No
Snow Angel No
Snowflake Throne Yes
  • There are also clothing items that share similarities in the names but do not fit into the set. Examples are shown in the table below.
Name Members-Only
Snowman Mask Yes
Snowflake Tiara Yes
Snowflake Crown Yes
Snowflake Balloon No
Snow Hat Yes
Snow Globe Hat No