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The Snow Couch is a members-only den item.


This is a narrow couch with a tall back that is made out of snow, and it appears to be slightly melting at the base. The back of the couch consists of triangular, wedge-shaped blocks of snow that fit together to form a curved shape. The seat cushions and armrests appear to be rectangular blocks of snow. On the far corner of the couch, there is a small pillow shaped like a penguin and decorated with a colored holiday hat. This item comes in ten different color varieties.


The Snow Couch was initially released on December 12, 2014, as a prize from the center treasure chest in Jamaaliday Rescue and returns annually during the Jamaalidays. It was most recently released on January 10, 2024, in Jam Mart Furniture and left on March 23, 2024.

Release History Details
OriginArrival DateDeparture Date
Jamaaliday RescueDecember 12, 2014January 8, 2015
Jamaaliday RescueDecember 3, 2015Unknown
Jamaaliday RescueDecember 1, 2016Unknown
Jamaaliday RescueNovember 30, 2017February 1, 2018
Jamaaliday RescueNovember 29, 2018Unknown
Jamaaliday RescueNovember 28, 2019January 16, 2020
Jamaaliday RescueDecember 3, 2020January 7, 2021
Jamaaliday RescueDecember 2, 2021January 6, 2022
Jamaaliday RescueDecember 1, 2022January 5, 2023
Jam Mart FurnitureJanuary 11, 2023March 23, 2023
Jamaaliday RescueNovember 30, 2023January 4, 2024
Jam Mart FurnitureJanuary 10, 2024March 23, 2024
  • It was released on December 3, 2015, December 1, 2016, November 30, 2017, November 29, 2018, November 28, 2019, December 3, 2020, December 2, 2021, December 1, 2022, and November 30, 2023, as a prize from the center treasure chest.
  • All variants were made available to purchase on its store release in 2023.