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Not to be confused with the Rare Snowman Mask.

The Snowman Mask is a members-only land clothing item that is worn on the head.


The Snowman Mask appears as a solid white mask that resembles the head of a snowman. The eyes and mouth are made of stones and the nose is made from a carrot. A tall hat wrapped with a cloth band sits on top of the mask. A candy cane and two lollipops are stuffed into the hat band on one side. This item has eight different color varieties.


The Snowman Mask was initially released in December 2010 in Jam Mart Clothing and returns annually during the Jamaalidays. It was most recently released on January 6, 2024, in Jam Mart Clothing and left on February 12, 2024.

Release History Details
OriginArrival DateDeparture Date
Jam Mart ClothingDecember 2010Unknown
Shiveer ShoppeDecember 2011Unknown
Jam Mart ClothingDecember 1, 2012August 2013
Jam Mart ClothingDecember 3, 2013Unknown
Jam Mart ClothingDecember 25, 2014Unknown
Jam Mart ClothingJanuary 4, 2015May 3, 2015
Jam Mart ClothingJanuary 14, 2017Unknown
Jam Mart ClothingDecember 27, 2017January 6, 2018
Jam Mart ClothingJanuary 26, 2020March 15, 2020
Jam Mart ClothingJanuary 20, 2021April 25, 2021
Jam Mart ClothingJanuary 16, 2022March 30, 2022
Jam Mart ClothingJanuary 7, 2023March 2, 2023
Jam Mart ClothingJanuary 6, 2024February 12, 2024

Prize Availability[]

The Snowman Mask can be won as a possible prize from the following locations:

Prize Availability Details
The Forgotten DesertGreen Chest
The Forgotten DesertOrange Chest
The Forgotten DesertBlue Chest
The Forgotten DesertWhite Chest