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Not to be confused with the Rare Snowman in a Box.

The Snowman in the Box is a non-member den item.


The Snowman in the Box appears as a dark green box with red ribbon running down the sides, making a gift with ribbons tied around it. There is also a golden handle coming out of its side. When the box is interacted with, the handle spins three times, until a snowman jumps out of the box. It is attached to the bottom of the box with a golden spring. The snowman is made of two round snowballs, has a red scarf and a red hat, has two black eyes and a carrot nose with a black streak for a mouth. When clicked again, the box shuts and returns to its original state. This item comes in only one variety.


The Snowman in the Box was initially released on December 4, 2015, in the 2015 Jamaaliday Gift Calendar and returned during the Jamaalidays. It was most recently released on December 27, 2022, in the 2022 Jamaaliday Gift Calendar and left on December 28, 2022.

Release History Details
OriginArrival DateDeparture Date
2015 Jamaaliday Gift CalendarDecember 4, 2015December 5, 2015
2017 Jamaaliday Gift CalendarDecember 28, 2017December 29, 2017
2022 Jamaaliday Gift CalendarDecember 27, 2022December 28, 2022