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For the place that hosts this shop, see Sol Arcade.

The Sol Arcade Shop is a store that sells arcade machine items for land dens. It was introduced in the Sol Arcade on February 2, 2012.


This shop is shaped like a tall UFO disk made out of wood. It has light blue-grey paint on the top half, light bulbs along the outer edge, and circular windows cut out around the top, with a greenish-grey Frogger-type frog shape under each window. There is a door cut out on the front with wooden steps leading inside.


Note: All items cost 400 Gems.

ItemTypeMembers-Only?Unavailable Since
Overflow ShopOverflowDecorationNoCurrently available
Sky-High Shop Sky HighDecorationNoCurrently available
Splash-and-Dash Shop Splash and DashDecorationYesCurrently available
Hedge-Hog Shop Hedge HogDecorationYesCurrently available
Falling-Phantoms Shop Falling PhantomsDecorationYesCurrently available
SAS Jamaa Debry Jamaa DerbyDecorationYesCurrently available
Best-Dressed Shop Best DressedDecorationYesCurrently available
SAS Eat 'Em Up Eat 'Em UpDecorationYesCurrently available
Phantom's-Treasure Shop Phantom's TreasureDecorationYesCurrently available
SAS Fruit Slinger Fruit SlingerDecorationYesCurrently available
Pill bug game Pill BugsDecorationYesCurrently available
SAS Pest Control Pest ControlDecorationYesCurrently available
SAS Temple of Trivia Temple of TriviaDecorationYesCurrently available
Double-Up Shop Double UpDecorationYesCurrently available
Twister Shop TwisterDecorationYesCurrently available
SAS Long Shot Long ShotDecorationYesCurrently available
SAS Gem Ball Gem BallDecorationYesCurrently available
Mira-Says Shop Mira SaysDecorationYesCurrently available
SAS Gem Breaker Gem BreakerDecorationYesCurrently available
SAS Super Sort Super SortDecorationYesCurrently available
SAS Wind Rider Wind RiderDecorationYesCurrently available
SAS Phantom Fighter Phantom FighterDecorationYesCurrently available
SAS Spider Zapper Spider ZapperDecorationYesCurrently available