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This article is about the adventure. For the music, see Special Delivery (Music).
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Special Delivery is the fourth seasonal all-Jammer adventure and sixteenth official adventure in Jamaa. It was released on January 29, 2015, and can be accessed in the party list and mailboxes around Jamaa. Any land or flying animal can play it, regardless if that animal has an adequate adventure level or not. The objective of the adventure is to deliver valentines to Jammers' mailboxes before the Friendship Festival starts.


It's up to YOU to deliver all the valentines in time for the Friendship Festival!
~ AJHQ on the Jamaa Journal, Volume 137


Special Delivery6

Locked Gate in the adventure.

1. The player starts off in a snow-filled village and must talk to the Owl named Rose. She informs the player that the Friendship Festival has started and that there are still valentines that are needed to be delivered.

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2. Rose will then proceed to give the player a batch of Valentine's day mail and send them on their way. The more valentines the player delivers, the more prizes they will earn.

3. The player will start off with 30 valentines, they must click the mailboxes of each den to deliver a valentine.

4. Once the player is done delivering the first 30 valentines, Rose will restock the player with a second batch consisting of 35 valentines.

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5. After delivering those valentines, Rose will then restock the player with the third and final batch of 45 valentines to deliver, making it a total of 110 in all.

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6. After each successful batch delivery, the player will be presented with the reward screen with two prize chests, one for all Jammers and the other for members only.


30 Valentines Delivered:[]

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Non-Member Items Member Items
Rose Bouquet Heart Bouquet Special-Delivery Winter-Wishing-Well Red Winter Wishing Well
Special-Delivery-Prize 30 Candy-Heart-Strand Candy Heart Strand Special-Delivery-Prize 30-M Heart-Flower-Bed Heart Flower Bed
Special-Delivery-Prize 30 Heart-Lava-Lamp Heart Lava Lamp Special-Delivery-Prize 35-M Heart-Target Heart Target
Special-Delivery-Prize 30 Chocolate-Roses Chocolate Roses Special-Delivery-Prize 30-M Valentine-Mailbox Valentine Mailbox
Three Heart Topiary Three Heart Topiary
Three heart pond
Three Heart Pond

35 Valentines Delivered:[]

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Non-Member Items Member Items
Craft-table-special-delivery Craft Table Special-Delivery-Prize 35-M Igloo Igloo
Heart Windows Heart Windows Choxolate Zios Fountain Chocolate Zios Fountain
Special-Delivery-Prize 35 Giant-Heart-Chocolate Giant Heart Chocolate Chocolate Mira Statue Chocolate Mira Statue
Metal-chimney Metal Chimney Special-Delivery-Prize 35-M Burrow-Door Burrow Door
Heartwreath Heart Wreath Heart window Friendship Shoji Screen

45 Valentines Delivered:[]

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Non-Member Items Member Items
Chocolate-heart-fountain-special-delivery Chocolate Heart Fountain M - Rare Friendship Bracelets Rare Friendship Bracelets
Special-Delivery-Prize 45 Giant-Valentine Giant Valentine Rare friendship moustache Rare Friendship Moustache
Heart Spotlight Heart Spotlight Special-Delivery-Prize 45-M Rare-Friendship-Hat Rare Friendship Hat
Special-Delivery-Prize 45 Giant-Heart-Valentine Giant Heart Valentine Rare Friendship Coat Treasure Chest Rare Friendship Coat
Friendship mailbox Friendship Mailbox

Treasure Chests[]

Throughout the map are three treasure chests hidden away. One is located in areas that only flying animals can get to, one is somewhere that all animals can go, and another one is locked behind a door that requires multiple players to hop in order to unlock the door. Flying animals can fly over this door and access the treasure chest directly, or hop and help the land animals open the door. These treasure chests can award gems, den items, or special Friendship Day rare clothing items.

The treasure chest for flying animals may contain:

The treasure chest for all animals may contain:

The treasure chest locked behind the door may contain:

Random clothing item


  • This is the first adventure to feature an animal that was not yet released in the game at the time, the Owls.
  • There is a glitch that will cause the the amount of letters to grow to infinity. To avoid this, make sure to click "Next" not the "X".
  • If the player has a flying animal, like the Eagle, it is possible to fly over obstacles in the adventure.
  • The locked door that requires players to hop to open was first released requiring four players to hop. It was reduced to only requiring two players after being released for a while, similar to the gates in Jamaaliday Rescue.
  • If the player stands close to the Snow Speakers in the map, they can hear a shortened version of "Winter's Dance" playing.
  • There is a glitch where the locked gate will not open even with two animals hopping. If this happens all animals must stop hopping to reset the gate.
  • All the NPCs in the map dance or hop until the player approaches them.
  • Lori changes location based on the location of the chest she is reaching for.
  • The full map of the adventure is shaped like a heart.
  • If the player clicks on the Hot Cocoa Set near the NPC, Juliet, the player will be able to create hot chocolate and gain a Holdable Icon.
  • When Special Delivery was removed from areas in 2018, it was accessible by clicking on the patch of grass next to the stairs leading to the Chamber of Knowledge.
  • In February 2021, the Adventure returned along with Lucky Clovers.
  • As of 2023, players can access this adventure by clicking a postal crate next to the Den Shop in Coral Canyons, on the shore in Kimbara Outback, and to the left of Claws 'N Paws in Appondale.


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