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Not to be confused with Sandy Shores, a similar unreleased area.

Speedo Sands is an unreleased area that appears to be a testing grounds for the remodel of Crystal Sands, which was later completed on July 7, 2011. It was originally not accessible legitimately, but Jammers were able to follow each other into it while playing the game normally.


The background consists entirely of concept art. It contains certain features that did not make it to the final release, such as the step-like path leading to the top of the mountain, the large pond at the top of the mountain, and the water cave at the base of the mountain.


  • The dock feature was originally removed from the final remodel, but it was added back in on September 11, 2011, when Crystal Reef was introduced.
  • Sandy Shores is similar to this area, but it closer resembles the original Crystal Sands before it was remodeled.
  • AJHQ removed this room from the game in 2017. Many Jammers who accessed this room faced an in-game suspension, often depending on how long they spent in the room.