Spooky Old Bones is a members-only music item for Dens. It was first released in October 2011 at the Music Shop, but during April 2012 it was relocated to the Spooky Party. It is also sold at the New Year's Party and the Haunted Forest Party.


It sounds fairly spooky, fitting the Night of the Phantoms theme. It contains organ, violins, piano, and some wind in the background. A church bell ringing is heard multiple times throughout the song. Unlike other music, this song isn't upbeat, having more of a slow theme.

Cover Art

The Album Cover has a phantom on it surrounded by lightning bolts, most likely referring to Night of the Phantoms or the spooky theme of the song.


  • This music plays in a loop at the Spooky Party.
  • In 2015, during the Night of the Phantoms season, this music was played as a loop in Jamaa Township.
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