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Spot On! is a single-player mini-game that was released on September 18, 2014. The game is located at Kimbara Outback, but it can also be played through the Games menu.


At the start of the game, the player must first select one of five categories: Mammals, Reptiles & Amphibians, Birds, Bugs, or Marine Life. In the gameplay of Spot On!, an animal will slowly be revealed on a screen and the player must select the correct name for the animal out of four animal names displayed as buttons along the right side of the screen. The animal will start to be revealed in an expanding circle at the point where the player clicks. There is a timer along the bottom of the screen with a row of 25 Gems, and for the first five seconds, the row will remain at 25 Gems, but after that it will count down by 1 Gem for each second and once the Gem counter drops down to 5 Gems, it will start flashing.

If the entire picture is revealed before the player selects an answer, the text Time Is Up! will appear on the screen and the correct answer will be revealed. If the player selects the correct answer before the 30-second timer runs down, they will earn Gems, but if they guess incorrectly or if the timer runs out, they will not earn any Gems. After one round (five puzzles), a screen will appear displaying how many puzzles the player answered correctly and how many Gems they earned during the round.


This game rewards a certain number of Gems depending on how long it takes the player to answer correctly. The Gems earned will be a combination of the Gems remaining (along the timer's row of Gems) plus the bonus Gems for answering quickly. If the player answers within the first 4 seconds, the bonus will be five Gems, but for every 3 seconds after that, the bonus will reduce by 1 Gem until (after 16 seconds) there is no bonus.

The player can also earn golden stars for each category by correctly identifying animals. Each golden star comes with an extra bonus of Gems. Once fifteen stars have been collected, the sixth category (All, which is a combination of all the other categories) will be unlocked. The number of animals required and the Gem bonuses for each star are listed below:

Stars Pictures Reward


1 20 50
2 50 250
3 150 1000


There are seven achievements to earn while playing Spot On!:

Achievements Description
Spotter! Spotter! Play Spot On 10 times
Spotting! Spotting! Play Spot On 25 times
Spotted! Spotted! Play Spot On 50 times
Super Spot! Super Spot! Correctly identify 25 animals in Spot On
Hyper Spot! Hyper Spot! Correctly identify 50 animals in Spot On
Awesome Spot! Awesome Spot! Correctly identify 100 animals in Spot On
Ultra Spot! Ultra Spot! Correctly identify 10 animals in a row in one game of Spot On


  • When Spot On! was first released, it could not be played for a few hours.
  • Spot On!, unlike many other games, cannot be played at the Sol Arcade and does not have a den item counterpart.
  • There is a glitch where the sixth (All) category cannot be selected by clicking on the picture; instead, the player must click around the edge of the picture.
  • Because the timer's Gem counter reaches 0 Gems before the entire picture is revealed, it is possible to select the correct answer and still receive 0 Gems.
  • There is a glitch that when you pick an answer, your picture will freeze where you left off and you can only click the "X" button to exit out of it.
  • Some of the animal pictures in Spot On! are the same pictures from the animal pictured Jam-A-Grams.


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