Not to be confused with the Spring Bunny Bundle or the Rainbow Armor Set.

The Spring Bundle is an official set of den and clothing items along with the Pet Pony that are awarded as promotional gifts when Membership was bought from the Animal Jam Website during the month of April. The promotional offer was first advertised in the Jamaa Journal on March 29, 2018, and ended on April 30, 2018.


This offer includes an exclusive pastel-recolor of the Rainbow Armor Set, a Pet Pony, the Beach House den, exclusive beach den items, and an Otter.



Image Name Type?
Spring rainbow4 Rainbow Helmet 1Head
Spring rainbow3 Rainbow Amulet 2Neck
Spring rainbow2 Rainbow Armor 3Body
Spring rainbow1 Rainbow Gauntlets 4Legs
Spring rainbow Rainbow Tail Armor 5Tail

Den Items

Image Item
Sand sculpture Sand Feast Table Sculpture
Sand sculpture3 Sand Fence Sculpture
Sand sculpture1 Sand Sofa Sculpture
Sand sculpture2 Sand Throne Sculpture
Sand sculpture4 Sand Gate Sculpture
Grahmpromosand Graham Sand Sculpture
Cosmo promo sand Cosmo Sand Sculpture
Greelysandpromo Greely Sand Sculpture
Lizpromosand Liza Sand Sculpture
Gilbertpromosand Sir Gilbert Sand Sculpture
Peckpromosand Peck Sand Sculpture
Taviepromosand Tavie Sand Sculpture


  • The variant of the exclusive Rainbow Armor from the Spring Bundle has softer, more pastel colors compared to the Rainbow Armor set previously sold in the Diamond Shop which shares brighter colors.
  • Even though this is not from the Diamond Shop, the clothing items still have a diamond icon.