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Not to be confused with the Bunny.

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The Spring Bunny is a non-member land animal.

Default Appearance[]

The Spring Bunny appears very similar to a normal bunny, but with a unique, colorful flower pattern present on its cheek/neck, back, and hind leg. This bunny is surrounded by a small ring of similarly colored flowers when it does any action. Instead of naming the bunny, it automatically has its name set to "Spring Bunny", similar to the naming of an Arctic Wolf and Polar Bear through a gift card. However, this only happens when initially receiving it; purchasing an extra bunny won't automatically name the animal. When moving, a pathway of the flower pattern it has follows the Spring Bunny, even over water.


Acts Description
Sits similar to idle pose, but more still.
Breakdances on ears.
Sleeps with ears sprawled out.
Hops very high, similar to the Tiger, Once it lands, it glides into a small, unrecognizable angle.
Spins ears, and begins to lift off the ground, similar to a helicopter.


The Spring Bunny was initially released on April 16, 2015, as a promotional gift from the Spring Bunny Bundle and returned annually during the spring months. It was most recently released on March 3, 2022, in the "Choose an Animal" menu and left on an unknown date.

Release History Details
OriginArrival DateDeparture Date
Spring Bunny BundleApril 16, 2015July 2015
Spring Bunny BundleMarch 30, 2017July 2017
Spring Bunny BundleApril 2018July 2018
Spring Bunny BundleApril 2019July 2019
Spring Bunny BundleApril 2020July 2020
"Choose an Animal" menuMay 21, 2020Unknown
"Choose an Animal" menuMay 6, 2021Unknown
"Choose an Animal" menuMarch 3, 2022Unknown
  • It was released on March 30, 2017, April 2018, April 2019, and April 2020, as a promotional gift.


  • Before it was released in game, it could be obtained by redeeming any Animal Jam Retail Gift Card during certain dates.
  • This animal shares the title of being the smallest animal in the game, along with the regular Bunnies.
  • Spring Bunnies are allowed to go to the Bunnies Only Party just as regular Bunnies are.
  • If the player tries to change the pattern, it will change the flower color instead.
  • When wearing Phantom Gauntlets, the purple zig-zags stay inside the ring of flowers.
  • There is a glitch where the Spring Bunny's flowers can be any color of the Jammer's choice; this can occur when changing from an underwater den to a land den while changing animals.
  • There is a glitch that can cause the Spring Bunny's name to display incorrectly in the Choose an Animal menu.
  • It is speculated to be related to the Enchanted Earth toy line, as it features a unique pattern and was released around the time of the toy line being announced.
  • It is the first animal to have a special pattern.
  • This is one of the only animals based on a holiday, the others are: Autumn Coyote, Spooky Snow Leopard, Polar Arctic Fox, Snowflake Arctic Wolf, and Jamaaliday Deer.


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