Spring Cottage

The Spring Cottage is a members-only land den that was first released on April 28, 2016. It has been sold seasonally in the Diamond Shop as well as the Den Shop in Coral Canyons starting around Jamaa's Spring and sometimes remaining through Summer. It was released as part of the Spring Fennec Fox Bundle in May 2019.


This den is set in a grassy clearing of a forest that is bordered by steep cliffs with a set of small waterfalls on one side that flow into a small lake. The den has thick green trees along its borders and terraced garden areas with a stream that cuts across the clearing. There are dark-grey stone paths that lead in a loop around the clearing from the two entrances of the house to a large, octagonal dock on the lake. The clearing includes small wooden bridges to cross the stream and many different varieties of flowers that are growing throughout the area.

The house itself is a large two-story cottage made from dark wood with a straw roof that has small patches of bright colors. The inside of the house has dark wood framing with wooden flooring and a flower pattern on the walls. On each floor, there are multiple stained-glass windows.



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