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The Spring Egg Hunt was an event in Animal Jam Classic that occurred during the month of April from 2011 through 2014, before it was replaced by the Spring Festival adventure in 2015. All Jammers could participate in this event. There were eight eggs in total to collect that were located in all lands (excluding Canyons Pathway in 2014). The prizes were always egg-themed items.

Egg Locations[]

Each of the lands contained a single unique animal nest with an egg icon hovering above it. Upon clicking on the icon, the player could view a fun fact about how the animal lays its eggs and then collect the egg for that area.

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Species Land Location
Egg01before Chicken Jamaa Township Top left area near the Mira Statue
Egg02before Robin Sarepia Forest Middle-left area where the chipmunk for the Journey Book is located
Egg03before Crocodile Lost Temple of Zios Middle-left area near the Sssssnake game
Egg04before Sea turtle Crystal Sands Bottom-left area near the entrance into Crystal Reef
Egg05before Harris hawk Coral Canyons Middle-right area near the place where the Wild Explorers Tent now resides
Egg06before King penguin Mt. Shiveer Top middle area below the peak of the mountains
Egg07before Emu Appondale Middle area next to the Disc Toss game and slightly left of Claws N' Paws
Egg08before Coral snake Canyons Pathway (2011-2013) Directly next to the entrance towards Crystal Sands
Kimbara Outback (2014) Above the middle area under the start of the bridge

Fun Facts[]

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Species Description
Egg hunt chicken Chicken

Female chickens lay about 300 eggs per year.

Female chickens lay until they have a group of about 12, then they sit on them to keep them warm until they hatch.

Chicken eggs hatch about 21 days after being laid.

Egg hunt robin Robin

Female robins lay 3-5 eggs at a time.

Mother robins can have up to three groups, or clutches, of eggs per year.

Robin eggs hatch about 2 weeks after being laid, and robin chicks leave the nest about 2 weeks after hatching.

Egg hunt crocodile Crocodile

Female crocodiles build nests out of loose dirt near the water and lay up to 50 eggs at a time.

Sometimes, female crocodiles bury their eggs, and then stand nearby to protect them.

Crocodile eggs hatch about 2-3 months after being laid

Egg hunt turtle Sea turtle

Multiple times a year, female sea turtles return to the beach where they were born to lay eggs.

Mother sea turtles dig a hole in the sand, lay 50-200 eggs, then cover them up.

Sea turtle eggs hatch about two months after being laid.

Egg hunt hawk Harris hawk Female Harris hawks la 2-4 eggs are a time, and they do this up to 3 times a year.

Harris hawk eggs hatch about 35 days after being laid.

Young Harris hawks remain with their family for up to 3 years, which is unusual for birds of prey.

Egg hunt penguin King penguin

Mother king penguins lay only one egg at a time.

Instead of building nests, king penguins keep their eggs propped between their feet and their bellies to keep them warm.

King penguin eggs hatch about 55 days after being laid.

Egg hunt emu Emu Female emus lay 5-20 eggs at a time n a nest built by their mates.

Male emus stand guard over the eggs until they hatch, gently turning them about 8 times a day.

Emu eggs hatch about 8 weeks after being laid.

Egg hunt snake Coral snake

In mid-summer, female coral snakes lay 3-12 eggs at a time.

Unlike eggs that harden after laying, coral snake eggs are soft and leathery

Coral snake eggs hatch about 2-3 months after being laid.


Item Year
BOC01 Basket of Candy 2011
Egg014 Egg On Pedestal 2012
NOE002 Nest Of Eggs 2013
GE776 Golden Egg 2014


  • It is mostly nicknamed the Egg Hunt, Easter Hunt or Easter Egg Hunt instead of its proper name.
  • There is a glitch when all eight eggs are found but there is no prize; to prevent this, Jammers must manually travel around all the lands to find them rather than teleporting through the World Map.
  • Before Kimbara Outback was released, the egg for the coral snake was located in Canyons Pathway.
  • The nest in Crystal Sands was originally placed right next to Tierney's Aquarium.
  • The nest in Mt. Shiveer was originally located at the mysterious seal cavern.
  • There was no Spring Egg Hunt in 2010 because Animal Jam Classic was not around during Easter that year.
  • The format of this event resembles the Journey Book and Epic Plushie Scavenger Hunt since both reward the player for traveling around the lands and locating objects.


Fun Facts[]

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