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Sssssnake is a members-only pet game that can only be played if the Jammer has a Pet Snake. It was first introduced to Coral Canyons and the Lost Temple of Zios on April 26, 2012. It was later added to the Pets Only Party in August 2012.


Jammers play as their pet snake in this game and control the snake using their arrow keys. The objective of this game is to eat as many mice as possible without biting the snake's own body by accident, or running into the wall on the side of the screen. The game starts off slow but the pace increases rapidly as more mice are consumed. Each captured mouse will cause the snake's body to grow longer and it will also increase the snake's speed. Initially, the mice will appear only one at a time, but every 15th mouse that appears will also cause one more mouse to appear so that it becomes two at a time, then three at a time, and so forth. Every 20th mouse that appears will be a golden mouse.


Each regular mouse that is captured will reward 1 Gem, and the golden mice reward 15 Gems each.


There are several achievements which can be earned by playing this game:

Achievements Description
Sssssnake Breakast Breakfast! Catch 25 mice in one game of Sssssnake
Sssssnake Lunch Lunch! Catch 50 mice in one game of Sssssnake
Sssssnake Dinner Dinner Catch 100 mice in one game of Sssssnake
Sssssnake Dessert Dessert! Catch 1000 mice total in Sssssnake
Sssssnake Yum Yum Yum Yum! Catch 5 golden mice in one game of Sssssnake


  • The game seems to be inspired by the Snake video game.
  • There is an uncommon glitch where the player's snake will move at high-speed right when the game starts instead of starting slowly and increasing in speed as more mice are eaten.
  • Once a Jammer's pet snake has captured 100 golden mice overall, it will be rewarded with the transparent skulls pet effect. This effect matches the pet's primary color and can be turned on or off from the My Pets screen.
  • The snake shown on-screen has the colors of the player's snake, but it has none of its accessories, unlike the Duck in Ducky Dash.
  • Jammers playing as a flying animal such as an Eagle or an Owl cannot play this game even if they do own a pet snake. This is because flying animals cannot use land pets.
  • It's possible to spawn in the same place as a mouse and start the game with one point.


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