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The Start a Band Bundle is a bundle released on June 4, 2020, in the Diamond Shop for 40 Diamonds. It comes with several den and clothing items as well as a Crystal Palace den and a Royal Red Panda.


The bundle is styled after rock bands and rock music.


Clothing Items

Name Type
PopMohawk.png Pop Mohawk 1Head.png
RockScientistHair.png Rock Scientist Hair 1Head.png
RockFlowerHair.png Rock Flower Hair 1Head.png
RockerJacket.png Rocker Jacket 3Body.png
BandGuitar.png Band Guitar 3Body.png
BandDrum.png Band Drum 3Body.png
BandAccordion.png Band Accordion 3Body.png
BandClarinet.png Band Clarinet 3Body.png
BandKeytar.png Band Keytar 3Body.png
BandViolin.png Band Violin 3Body.png
BandSaxophone.png Band Saxophone 3Body.png
BandTailRings.png Band Tail Rings 5Tail.png
BandBoots.png Band Boots 4Legs.png

Den Items

ConcertStage1.png Concert Stage
StageBackdrop1.png Stage Backdrop
BandFlyers1.png Band Flyers
TourBus1.png Tour Bus
RoadieBear.png Roadie Bear
ElectronicDrumKit.png Electronic Drum Kit
BandMicrophone.png Band Microphone
GuitarAmp.png Guitar Amp
DJControllerBooth.png DJ Controller Booth
LightingEffectsBar.png Lighting Effects Bar
LaserLights.png Laser Lights
BandGear.png Band Gear


  • The release of this bundle for the month of June appears to coincide with Make Music Day, which was also celebrated on Animal Jam Classic with the announcement of the Jam Session party.