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Storming The Fortress is a non-member adventure that was released on April 27, 2017. Prior to January 18, 2018, this adventure was for members-only. On April 26, 2018, a hard mode for this adventure was released.


The Forest

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  1. Talk to the Alphas
  2. Break the crystals to lower the elevator
  3. Defeat the Phantoms
  4. Talk to the Alphas (again)
  5. Enter the elevator

The Upper Levels

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  1. Find the levers in the towers to start the green and purple pumps.
    1. Start the green pump on the left tower.
    2. Start the purple pump on the right tower.
  2. Use the machine in the center to create a disguise.
  3. Enter the fortress

The Phantom Fortress

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  1. Explore the Phantom Fortress
    1. Find the Level 1 Key to open the Level 1 door
  2. Ride the conveyor belts to find the levers
  3. Find the Level 2 Key
  4. Make your way deeper into the Phantom Fortress

The Phantom Labs

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  1. Explore the Phantom Labs and rescue the trapped animals. (At this point, your phantom disguise will wear off.)
  2. Enter the engine room
  3. Break the cores to shut down the phantom engine.
  4. Meet Greely at the bottom of the engine.


The following rewards can be obtained by finishing the adventure:

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Treasure Chest Normal Hard
Top Left Storming-The-Fortress TL-Treasure Miniature-Phantom-Fortress.png Miniature Phantom Fortress Heavyphantomstatue.png Heavy Phantom Statue
Top Center Storming-The-Fortress TM Phantom-Eye-Door.png Phantom Eye Door Heavyphantomrug.png Heavy Phantom Rug
Top Right Surrendering Phantom Statue.png Surrendering Phantom Statue Glowingphantomeyedecal.png Glowing Phantom Eye Decal
Bottom Left Storming-The-Fortress BL Phantom-Pipeline.png Phantom Pipeline Vatoftoxicgoop.png Vat Of Toxic Goop
Bottom Right Storming-The-Fortress BR Fortress-Beacon.png Fortress Beacon Electricfortresspanels.png Electric Fortress Panels

Animal Passages

Location of every animal passage in this adventure:

Map Locations

Description and guide of each animal passage:

Description and Reward
The Phantoms-Only passage is located near the base of the purple pump on the right side of the upper levels. It can only be accessed by starting both pumps and turning into a Phantom, at which point the player would need to travel right and activate the ladder before continuing to the next area. Phantom Elevator Door.png Phantom Elevator Door
Team Phantoms-Only
The Team Phantoms-Only passage is located in the southwest corridor of the main Phantom Fortress section. This requires two players (disguised as phantoms) to open the gate. The first treasure is located north the conference room filled with phantoms in a storage room. Storming-The-Fortress Phantom-Conference-Table.png Phantom Conference Table
The second treasure is located in the same storage room as the first but towards the bottom-right corner. Storming-The-Fortress Phantom-Presentation.png Phantom Presentation

Other Prizes

There are many secret passages, some even within a different secret passage, hidden throughout the fortress. Many of these passages contain treasure chests that reward certain items, such as:

Other Prizes
Prizes Location
Storming-The-Fortress Phantom-Furnace.png Phantom Furnace This treasure is located among the conveyor belts in the main Phantom Fortress section.
Storming-The-Fortress Tall-Phantom-Lab-Capsule.png Tall Phantom Lab Capsule This treasure is hidden in a small room behind one of the tall capsules in the north-west of the Phantom Labs section. The capsule must be broken to reach the room.
Storming-The-Fortress Phantom-Feast-Table.png Phantom Feast Table This treasure is located at the end of a hidden passage connected to the small room where the Tall Phantom Lab Capsule treasure is found.
Storming-The-Fortress Phantom-Security-Door.png Phantom Security Door This treasure is revealed after a lever is pulled to pump out some green goop from a small basin in the Phantom Labs section.
Round Phantom Lab Capsule.png Round Phantom Lab Capsule This treasure is hidden within a round capsule behind Perry, the NPC. A ladder must be activated and the capsule must be broken to reach the treasure.
Storming-The-Fortress Phantom-Portal.png Phantom Portal This treasure is hidden behind one of the pipes above the engine at the end of the Phantom Labs section.

Treasure Locations

Treasure Locations

Courage Points

The minimum Courage Points for completing this adventure under normal difficulty is approximately 197 CP, while the maximum under normal difficulty is roughly 1148 CP. Under hard difficulty mode, the minimum is approximately 227 CP and the maximum is roughly 1253 CP.

Courage Point Details
Adventure Action Required
Courage Points
Destroy Elevator Crystals 2 2 2 2 4[1.1]
Destroy Elevator Phantoms 3 3 5 5 5
Destroy Phantom Lookout Webs 0 20[2.1] 0 20[2.1] 2[1.2]
Destroy Phantom Panels 2 5 2 5 2[1.3]
Destroy Phantoms 0-4[3.1] 22[4.1] 0-8[3.2] 34[4.2] 5
Destroy Phantom Turrets 0 7[5.1] 0 13[5.2] 5
Destroy Bulky Phantoms 0 2[6.1] 0 3[6.2] 5
Destroy Lab Capsules 2[7.1] 36 2[7.2] 36 20[1.4]
Destroy Pedaling Phantoms 4 4 4 4 5
Destroy Engine Cores 4 4 4 4 10
Open Treasure Chest 0 13 0 13 5
Open Solo Phantom Passage 0 1 0 1 25
Finish Adventure 1 1 1 1 50
Total Courage 197 CP 1148 CP 227 CP 1253 CP


1.1. 1.2. 1.3. 1.4. Destroying these objectives displays "+5 Courage Points" but it actually rewards a different number of Courage Points according to the CP meter and the network data.
2.1. 2.2. The Phantom Webs can be regenerated indefinitely for each Phantom Lookout as long as the player is spotted. For the purposes of this list it is estimated that a player would run into each lookout a maximum of 2 times averaged over all the lookouts.
3.1. 3.2. It is technically possible to complete the adventure without destroying any of the regular Phantoms, but it is also very difficult. For the purposes of this list, it is estimated that a player would have to at least destroy the Phantoms guarding each of the pumps.
4.1. 4.2. This includes all regular Phantoms that give CP, including those trapped in lab capsules. No CP is given for destroying any of the Phantoms summoned by Phantom Lookouts or any of the Phantoms spawned inside the engine room.
5.1. 5.2. This includes all Phantom Turrets that give CP, including those trapped in lab capsules.
6.1. 6.2. This includes all Bulky Phantoms that give CP. Destroying the Bulky Phantom in the lab capsule next to the NPC Jerry displays "+5 Courage Points" but it actually does not reward any Courage Points according to the CP meter and the network data. Additionally, some Bulky Phantoms spawned inside the engine room do not reward any CP.
7.1. 7.2. The only lab capsules that the player is required to destroy are the capsule trapping the NPC Barry and the capsule blocking the path to that NPC.


  • It was formerly possible to unlock the twin Phantom passage with only one player. This was done by stepping on the first platform, then quickly stepping on the second one while the first is still lit up. This was patched with the release of Hard Mode where they increased the space between the platform.
  • When in a Phantom disguise, the player is invulnerable to all the Phantoms inside the lab. However, the Phantom Watchers before entering the lab will still cause the player to immediately lose all of their hearts.
  • This is the first Adventure that Peck shows up in. She appears in the end of the Adventure.
  • There is a glitch where the player's Phantom disguise will remain after entering the Phantom Lab. However, the Phantoms will still attack the player as if they were not disguised.
  • If a player enters this Adventure as a flying Animal (such as through a glitch), they will find an invisible rectangle keeping them at the starting location and preventing them from completing any of the adventure.
  • There is a glitch where the engine room battle music will continue to play after the player has exited the Adventure.
  • There is a glitch where the player is unable to continue the Adventure after the cutscene.


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